Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Seaside, Florida, is a charming coastal town known for its white sandy beaches, pastel-colored cottages, and relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re planning a trip to this idyllic destination, we’ve crafted a comprehensive 3-day itinerary to help you make the most of your visit. From beachside relaxation to exploring local gems, Seaside offers travelers a perfect blend of activities.

Seaside Day 1:

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at one of Seaside’s quaint cafes, the Great Southern Cafe, before heading to the beach. Stroll along the pristine shoreline, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and listen to the gentle waves lapping the shore. The emerald waters of the Gulf invite you to take a refreshing dip or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding.Best places to eat in Seaside Florida

For lunch, grab a beachside picnic from a local truck, Mr. Gyro Hero, and take it to go to savor it under the shade of an umbrella while enjoying the breathtaking ocean views from the 30A beaches. They are best known for their amazing gyros, but their Mediterranean menu offers a variety of dishes, including vegetarian and kid-friendly options.

Afterward, make your way to the iconic Central Square, a vibrant hub with pastel-colored buildings, lush lawns, and various entertainment. Seaside’s beautiful coastal urban design ensures that everything is within walking distance, making it easy to get around.Seaside Florida

You can explore the town’s charming streets lined with unique shops and boutiques. As you meander through the picturesque streets, you’ll find an eclectic mix of shops, each with its own distinctive flair. Central Square Records offers a treasure trove of vinyl records and vintage music, and Sundog Books is a paradise for bookworms with its curated selection of literature.

Fusion Art Glass showcases exquisite, handcrafted glass art, while at Mercantile, you can find local artisanal products and gifts that embody Seaside’s coastal spirit. Ophelia Swimwear is a must-visit for stylish beachwear, and Perspicasity offers bohemian-style clothing and coastal decor. Bud & Alley's Waterfront Restaurant & Bar

As the day winds down, savor a delicious dinner at Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant & Bar while enjoying the beautiful vistas of the ocean. Their menu showcases fresh seafood, delectable dishes, and creative cocktails, all served in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy a delicious meal and watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink.

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Seaside Day 2:

Start your second day with an early morning bike ride along scenic 30A, the coastal highway connecting several charming beach communities. Rent bikes from one of the local rental shops and pedal your way through the breathtaking coastal landscapes. Feel the refreshing sea breeze as you pass by the unique architecture and stunning beachfront homes.

After your ride, indulge in a delightful crepe breakfast at Crêpes du Soleil Airstream, where you can savor mouthwatering sweet and savory crêpes and sip their specialty frosé.Crêpes du Soleil Airstream

The highlight of Day 2 is exploring the rare coastal dune lakes at Grayton Beach State Park that are unique to this region. These coastal dune lakes are a natural wonder where freshwater and saltwater mix, creating a biodiverse ecosystem. Embark on a kayaking or paddleboarding adventure, where you can witness the mesmerizing beauty and tranquility of these precious bodies of water. Keep an eye out for various bird species and other wildlife that call these lakes home.

For lunch, head over to Cocina Cubana for a classic Cuban sandwich or some savory empanadas.

On Saturdays, the Seaside Farmers Market takes place in the Seaside Amphitheater from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. It offers an array of locally sourced and artisanal foods. From fresh fruits and vegetables to gourmet snacks and treats, the market provides a delightful farm-to-table experience amidst the lively atmosphere. Don’t forget to pick up some unique souvenirs and handmade crafts from the local vendors.

In the evening, unwind with a beach bonfire under the starry sky. Several tour operators in Seaside organize these cozy gatherings where you can roast marshmallows and enjoy the sound of waves crashing nearby. Opt to cater or bring your own charcuterie or get a Bruno’s Pizza to-go to bring along for a delicious meal at the beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow travelers and create lasting memories.

Seaside Day 3:

On your last day, take the chance to take a scenic drive along the coastal highway and explore nearby attractions like Gator Beach – The World’s Greatest Alligator Park, or Eden Gardens State Park.Visit Gator Beach - World’s Greatest Alligator Park

Gator Beach is an alligator park on the Emerald Coast of Florida, and the best part is that It’s entirely free to visit. You can get up close and personal with hundreds of alligators in a safe and controlled environment, feed them using specialized Gator Food, and even hold a live alligator for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

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You can enjoy their free Gator Shows led by knowledgeable handlers and explore their unique Crocodilia Discovery Zone with its rare live alligator exhibits. You will also get to witness adorable baby alligators up close and learn more about these fascinating creatures from their well-trained staff, who are passionate about sharing their expertise. This park offers an unparalleled opportunity to get up close and personal with these fascinating reptiles.

You can discover the serenity and history of Eden Gardens State Park, nestled amidst Florida’s captivating landscape. Nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike will find solace in this picturesque park, where a myriad of attractions await.

You will step back in time with a guided tour of the historic Wesley House, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the area’s rich history and awe-inspiring architecture. The well-maintained gardens provide the perfect setting for leisurely strolls and moments of peaceful contemplation, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Tucker Bayou offers a scenic retreat where you can relax, fish, and embrace the tranquility of the surroundings. Embrace the outdoors further with picnicking areas and hiking trails, catering to your desire for adventure and an intimate connection with the natural world.

For lunch, head over to Seagrove Village Market. This charming coastal eatery offers a laid-back atmosphere and a menu brimming with delicious options. Indulge in mouthwatering seafood, savory sandwiches, and fresh salads, all prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Don’t miss their famous Gulf Coast shrimp po’boys or the delectable grilled fish tacos that pack a flavorful punch. The inviting ambiance and warm hospitality create the perfect setting to relax and savor your meal.

Afterward, pamper yourself with a relaxing spa session at The Spa in Seaside, with its serene ambiance and skilled therapists. Whether you opt for a soothing massage, revitalizing facial, or other nourishing body treatment, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.beach Seaside Florida

In the afternoon, spend some leisure time on the beach, basking in the sun and taking in the soothing sound of the waves. You can also try your hand at beachcombing, where you might find seashells and other treasures washed up on the shore.

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In the evening, head over for a delicious seafood meal at FOOW – Fish Out of Water and catch a breathtaking sunset from the beach, creating a perfect backdrop for your farewell dinner at one of Seaside’s fine dining establishments. Enjoy a delectable meal prepared by talented chefs, and raise a toast to a memorable trip filled with beautiful experiences.

FAQ: Seaside Beach Itinerary Seaside Florida 3 day itinerary 

Is Seaside, Florida Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Seaside’s pristine beaches, charming architecture, and vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for beach lovers and those seeking a laid-back coastal experience. Its unique design and focus on community engagement make it stand out from other beach towns.

Why Is Seaside, FL So Popular?

Seaside’s popularity stems from its unique New Urbanism design, stunning natural beauty, and a wide range of recreational activities, providing an unforgettable vacation experience for all. Its carefully planned architecture and focus on pedestrian-friendly areas make it a safe and enjoyable destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Are Seaside and 30A the Same?

No, Seaside is just one of the towns located along scenic Highway 30A. 30A is a picturesque coastal road that runs through several charming beach communities, including Seaside. Each town along 30A has its own distinct character, attractions, and beach vibes, making it an exciting route to explore during your trip to the area.

Where to Stay in Seaside?

Conclusion: Seaside Beach Itinerary

With its captivating beauty and an abundance of activities, Seaside, Florida, offers a perfect beach vacation for all. Follow this 3-day itinerary to immerse yourself in the best of Seaside’s culture, nature, and coastal charm. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Seaside will leave you with cherished memories of a truly remarkable coastal getaway. 

Embrace the slow-paced, beach-centric lifestyle, and indulge in the laid-back ambiance that makes Seaside a standout destination on Florida’s Gulf Coast. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Seaside, Florida.

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