Golf, the ultimate blend of skill and relaxation, is a favorite pastime for many. And, with its rolling hills and gorgeous coastline, South Devon is host to some of the finest golf courses in England.

But what makes these venues so special?

Let’s explore four distinct golf facilities within this peaceful region and delve into how you can optimize your next (or maybe first!) golf holiday further afield.

4 Best Golf Courses in South Devon

1. Stunning Views at Thurlestone Golf Club Thurlestone Golf Club 

Right on the edge of beautiful South Devon, Thurlestone Golf Club offers more than just a challenging game. With its spectacular sea views and well-maintained greens, it delivers an unforgettable golfing experience.

Here, every swing is coupled with a breathtaking vista, proving that the backdrop to your game can enhance your golf skills further.

2. Experience the Challenging Dartmouth Golf and Country ClubDartmouth Golf and Country Club

Situated in tranquil English countryside, Dartmouth Golf and Country Club provides an idyllic yet rigorous golfing adventure. This meticulously crafted course comprises 18 challenging holes, demanding your best strategy and execution.

Indeed, a round at Dartmouth can be the perfect test for avid golfers seeking to up their game while relishing in a serene environment.

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3. Enjoy Tranquility at Bigbury Golf ClubBigbury Golf Club

Imagine enjoying your favorite sport amidst the sweeping beauty of Devon’s coast. At the Bigbury Golf Club, you get to do just that.

This club offers an engaging playing field with a slice of peaceful countryside, enabling you to focus on perfecting your stroke while soaking in soothing views. The tranquility provided here truly lets golfers retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle.

4. Discover the Hidden Gem: Teignmouth Golf Club Teignmouth Golf Club

Teignmouth Golf Club is aptly described as a hidden gem nestled in South Devon.

Designed by the legendary Dr Alister MacKenzie, this course presents an irresistible blend of natural terrain and ingenious architecture.

Golfing here not only lets you enjoy a well-thought-out course but also offers panoramic views of the Devon coast, making each hole a visual feast.

Tips for Golf Holidays Further Afield

Why Consider Golfing Abroad?

Golfing isn’t just meant to be a local pastime. Venturing abroad offers fresh experiences, different terrains, and diverse cultural interactions that can enhance your golfing adventure.

From the passionate crowds in Scotland to the captivating landscapes in Spain, imagining such exciting opportunities often stirs up an unstoppable desire for international golf escapades.

Preparing for Your International Golf Trip

Planning an overseas golfing trip can seem daunting, but with a little bit of organization, it’s completely manageable.

Start by researching potential golf courses, considering factors like cost, difficulty level, and climate. Booking your accommodation early and confirming your travel itinerary will also help.

  • Pro tip: Pack light! With today’s airlines charging increasing fees for check-in bags, you might even consider renting equipment at your destination to save on luggage space and costs.

Playing Golf in Portugal: A “Golfer’s Paradise”

Portugal, with its temperate climate and stunning coastlines, offers a paradise for golf enthusiasts. If recent golfing surveys were anything to go by, the country’s high-quality courses, such as those in the ever-popular Algarve region, attract countless golfers each year.

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These fun trips to Portugal boast the perfect balance between challenging golf courses and relaxing beach resorts. A game here not only improves your skills but also enriches your holiday experience.

Choose the Right Season for Your Golfing Holiday

When planning your golf holiday abroad, considering the right season is crucial. Different regions have varied climates and peak tourism periods. For example, Portugal might be crowded (and pricier) during summer. Meanwhile, a winter trip to Spain provides enjoyable temperatures on the green.

Do thorough research on your preferred destination and its off-peak times to enjoy a great golf vacation without crowd or price stress.

Whether you choose the tranquil greens of South Devon or wish to venture further afield to places like Portugal, golf offers endless possibilities, both for sport and travel. As we know now, venturing abroad can add a dynamic new element to your golfing journey. The key is in the planning, proper research and ultimately finding joy in each stroke.

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