If you’re looking for delicious food and an unforgettable experience, look no further than Copan, Honduras. With its rich history and vibrant culture, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants in this Central American paradise. Whether you’re craving a traditional Honduran dish or something more exotic, here are the best restaurants to explore while in Copan!

Best Restaurants in Copan

Honduran food is unique and always good. This held true during our visit to Copan. Every meal we had was fantastic, leaving me to believe there may be no such thing as a bad meal in Honduras! Here are restaurants in Copan, Honduras that I recommend. All are kid-friendly.

B’alam Café 

Located at the Yat Balam Hotel. (which looked very nice)  We had the best breakfast during our trip here. 

Carnitas Nia Lola Copan Honduras

Carnitas Nia Lola

I don’t remember what I had here, but it was good. Check out the waitress above carrying our appetizer to us on her head!

Asados CopanLos Asados Copan

One of the best meals I have ever had anywhere. We went to Asados Copan Restaurante for lunch after a great morning at the ruins in Copan, Honduras. Our taxi driver recommended it. Mr. Banana also pointed it out while we were walking to the ruins.  It’s a steak place and the menu is in Spanish. Their specialty is grilled meats.

We were not exactly sure what we ordered.  I can’t remember what it was called, but it was a lunch special for two people.  It was the best meal we had during our time here.  I highly recommend it.

We thought for sure we had miscommunicated with the waiter because of the amount of food they brought out. We had enough food to feed all of us and some leftovers. When they brought out our bill we saw that it was what we had ordered. Their lunch for two was enough to feed our family of five. The lunch special, an appetizer, and drinks for 5 people was $30. I have to mention that they also have clean bathrooms. (This is very important to my oldest child.)

Elisa’s Cafeteria (Hotel Camino Mayo)

This restaurant is located in the hotel we stayed in and was the first place we ate at in Copan. It was very good.  We were with a lot of people and everyone ordered something different and everyone loved their food.  We had the best Copan-grown coffee from here every morning while we sat in the hotel courtyard.

El Meson de Maria

Located right on Main Street in downtown Copan Ruinas, El Meson de Maria is a must-visit restaurant if you find yourself in the area. This authentic Honduran restaurant serves up classic dishes like carne asada (grilled beef) and tamales (ground corn with meat filling). The restaurant also offers an extensive variety of salads, soups, sandwiches, and pizzas. The atmosphere at El Meson de Maria is warm and inviting with lively music playing throughout the evening.

Cafe Barista

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries while taking in views of the beautiful countryside, Cafe Barista is your spot! Located just outside of town near Las Sepulturas archaeological site, this cafe serves up freshly brewed coffee drinks made from locally sourced beans. Enjoy your beverage on their outdoor patio while watching the sunset over the mountains. They also have some delicious cake options to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Los Naranjos Restaurant

Los Naranjos Restaurant is another great option for traditional Honduran cuisine. This family-owned restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family. Their menu has something for everyone from tacos to seafood dishes – all served with fresh ingredients from local farms. Be sure to try their signature dish – pollo en crema – which consists of chicken cooked in cream sauce served over rice!

Copan has something for everyone when it comes to food! From traditional Honduran cuisine to more modern fare, there surely will be something on every diner’s list that they can enjoy during their stay in this beautiful country. Whether you’re exploring downtown Copan Ruinas or heading out into the countryside, these three restaurants are sure to delight your taste buds and give you an unforgettable dining experience! Bon appetite!

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