Honduras food is unique and always good. This held true during our visit to Copan. Every meal we had was fantastic, leave me to believe there may be no such thing as a bad meal in Honduras! Here are 4 restaurants in Copan, Honduras that I recommend. All four are kid friendly.

B’alam Café – Located at the Yat Balam Hotel. (which looked very nice)  We had the best breakfast during our trip here. Balam Cafe Copan Honduras

Balam Cafe Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola – I don’t remember what I had here, but it was good.  Check out the waitress above carry our appetizer to us on her head!

Asados Copan – One of the best meals I have ever had anywhere.  Click to see pictures of the delicious food we ate.  Their specialty is grilled meats.

Elisa’s Cafeteria – This restaurant is located in the hotel we stayed in and was the first place we ate at in Copan.  It was very good.  We were with a lot of people and everyone ordered something different and everyone loved their food.  We had the best Copan grown coffee from here every morning while we sat in the hotel courtyard.