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Being a military spouse is not easy. Just ask me, I will tell you! I’ve been a military spouse for almost 15 years now. As we gear up for my husband’s next deployment (it’s less than two months away now) I am thinking through all the different apps that can help us stay in touch and help us get through the separation.

8 Apps for Surviving a Deployment


Apps for Staying in Touch during Deployment

  • FaceTime or Skype – If you get lucky your deployed family member will have access to wifi. If so, then you’ve got to have an app on your phone for talking to each other face to face. It is so much easier for kids to talk through a face to face chat then just a phone call. Kids stay more focused when they can see the person!
  • iMessage or WhatsApp – Both of these apps offer a way to text your deployed family member for free.
  • Instagram – This photo sharing app is easy for kids to use and the you can set the settings to private so no one can see the photos unless they have been approved. You can let your kids post photos and short videos and then their deployed parent can get on Instagram and look through them.

Free Apps to Support Children’s Social and Emotional Health

The three apps I had listed here are no longer available.

Gotta Have a Smart Phone

You have to have a smart phone in order to utilize these apps. If you don’t have one you should check into it.
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