No matter what kind of dad you have or what your budget is we’ve found a great gift for you to buy him. Here are 18 great father’s day gifts that are sure to please. 

We’ve broken down the gifts into categories including traditional gifts, tech gifts, fun food gifts, and budget-friendly gifts. 

Traditional Father’s Day Gift Ideas


YBell, the 4-in-1 fitness solution that combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, dual grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in just one piece of equipment. YBell has earned numerous awards for design and function. YBells are great for one-on-one training and group exercise, coated in non-slip, non-rust neoprene, and are ideal for training both indoors and out. Each YBell comes with free workout videos too. The YBells range from 2 – 44 lbs. Your dad will love saving time, money and space with one piece of equipment that does everything four pieces can.

Verve Culture’s Thai Chef’s Moon KnifeThai Knife

This lightweight, carbon steel Moon Knife (named for its round shape) allows for a longer cut. Its light, thin blade was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets; it even cuts through bone. It’s a dream for cutting through meat and bone, as well as hard-skinned fruit (like watermelon). 

Buy this knife!

NOMATIC Travel PackNomatic Travel Backpack

For the dad on the go, the NOMATIC Travel Pack was designed for everyday use and for those shorter 1-3 day trips. It’s made with durable, water-resistant materials and YKK zippers. Starting at 20L and expanding to 30L, this bag is slim but expands when you need to pack more. The full perimeter zipper, magnetic water bottle pockets, RFID safe storage, and hidden pockets are just a few of the 20+ noteworthy features that make the Travel Pack the most functional travel pack ever! On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the NOMATIC Travel Pack has a sleek minimalist design and gives you confidence for your life on the move.

Buy a NOMATIC Travel Pack, also available on Amazon

Chill Boys

Chill Boys boxers is way better than those disgusting tidy whities. The high-quality soft fabric will keep him cool, roomy, and supported. 

Opolis Sunglasses

Protect dad’s eyes from UV rays while feeling good by knowing that each pair is from recycled plastics and materials from our oceans and landfills. One water bottle equals one upcycled pair of sustainable Opolis sunglass frames. Teaming up with local recycled plastic material manufacturers based in Bali, Manila, and Nairobi. 


This is the all-in-one tool for your favorite guy! An expertly combined tool the size of a key and features 16+ functions. It has a Smoking Pipe, 3.2/3.3mm Bike Spoke Key, a Screwdriver tip that will fit a #2/3 Slotted, #2 Square Drive, #2/3 Phillips, and #2/3 Combinations (Phillips/Slotted or Phillips/Square) screw all in one bit, Imperial and Metric Closed Wrench, ¼ inch Open Wrench, ¼ inch Bit Driver, Scoring Tip, Serrated Edge, Can Opener, Wire Stripper, File, Imperial and Metric Ruler, Protractor, Bottle Opener, Multi-head fit Driver, and a Lanyard Hole.

ZV Botanicals

ZV Botanicals are a fusion of Ayurvedic herbs, full-spectrum Hemp extract, and signature essential oil blend. They are used to help people heal pain through natural remedies. ZV Botanicals offers organic, hand-crafted, small-batch signature massage oils, mouth pull oil, healing salve, therapeutic tinctures, and digestive bitters. 

Electronic Gifts for Techy Dads

You really can’t go wrong with any sort of electronic gift or accessory for an electronic device. Here are some of our favorites.

LectroFan ClassicLectroFan noise machine

LectroFan Classic is perfect for those sleepless nights. This personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night’s sleep and peaceful rest. The LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise (including pink and brown noise variations). All sounds can be personalized with pin-point volume control to select across a wide range of sound levels — from a whisper to many times louder than mechanical fan-based conditioners.

Cooling Cuff

A veteran-owned business, Cooling Cuff is solely focused on helping your body cool down properly.  Dad can wear it on the wrist, the optimal place to cool the body due to specialized skin that releases a disproportionate amount of heat.  Cooling the body at the wrist can alter thermoregulation, rapidly lower core body temperature, and quickly restore temperature homeostasis.  Designed for a full range of motion to remove heat from the skin much faster than sweating, it’s perfect for workout sessions, outdoor activities, or just staying cool all summer long.  

Pixel Eyewear Blue Light Glasses

Safeguard dad’s eyes with these stylish blue light glasses from Pixel Eyewear. Pixel Eyewear provides breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduce smudges and repel water and dust. For comfort, each lens has an anti-reflective coating, eliminating computer glare and reducing the stress on your eyes.

Cell Phone Holder for the Car

Father's Day Gifts
I recently got one of these for my car and absolutely love it. It adjusts for any size phone and rotates sideways. I think it makes a great gift. There are a bunch to choose from on Amazon.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Blackir?t=mommtrav 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00BGO0Q9O

 This wristband does all kinds of cool stuff and it’s about $50 cheaper than the others on the market. I’ve been looking into these for a while and after asking a couple of friends wearing similar devices and talking to an electronics guru, I narrowed my choices down to this one. It does everything in one device.
  •  It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and monitors how long and well you sleep! Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm!

Foodie Father’s Day Gifts

Who doesn’t love food?

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Don Pablo Coffee

Don Pablo Coffee has a bourbon-infused roast, crafted in small batches that creates an intense, full-bodied blend that definitely isn’t your average cup of joe.  The flavorful, aromatic roast has quickly become a sought-after blend among those with a love for specialty coffee that’s nonalcoholic. With intense tasting notes and superior beans, the brand has taken the art of roasting to new levels. By soaking the coffee beans in real Kentucky Bourbon, they then are roasted to perfection for a delicious infusion of flavor without the alcohol. 

Purchase Don Pablo Coffee.

Southern Caramel

Southern Caramel bakes up melt-in-your-mouth, handmade, small-batch caramels with a variety of unique flavors to choose from. The fresh ingredients are simple – sugar, cream, and butter – but in the hands of an experienced candy confectioner, founder Sarah Smith, they turn into golden gourmet delights! The method for caramelizing sugar makes all the difference.  They have the perfect gift box featuring: 1 lb. box Sea Salted Caramel; 1/2 lb. box Old Fashioned Caramel; 1/4 lb. box Bourbon Caramel; and an 8 oz. jar Caramel Sauce.

Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re looking to give Dad a great and memorable gift but don’t have much cash to spend, don’t worry. There are lots of Father’s Day gifts for under $10. If you’re on a budget, but still want to find a way to tell Dad how special he is to you on Father’s Day, the internet is full of retailers that offer under $10 Father’s Day gifts. A cool pair of socks, a bumper sticker that matches his personality, a custom keychain, novelty soap-on-a-rope, or shot glass from Dad’s hometown are all great options.

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Giving socks for father’s day doesn’t mean the plain old boring six-pack of white crew cut socks grandma gets you every year on your birthday. The kind of socks you should be looking for are fun novelty socks.

A simple internet search for “funny socks” will pull up a wide variety of options. “Dad’s Stinky Feet” socks, a pair of green and yellow superhero socks with thunderbolts on them, or beer and pretzel embroidered socks are a great way to put a smile on Dad’s face for under $10. A pair of novelty socks retails from around $6.99 on up.

Bumper stickers or keychains

Internet shopping for bumper stickers has never been easier. And with sites like and, you can design your own. There are Dad-themed bumper stickers and keychains (i.e. “Grateful Dad” and “Ninja Dad Sees All”) or you can pick a theme that your Dad has and interest in and search for bumper stickers to match. If your father’s political, you can find plenty of bumper stickers and anti- bumper stickers on all sorts of issues. If he enjoys sports, there are lots of sports-themed bumper stickers and keychains to choose from. Bumper sticker retail from about $3.95 and keychains retail from around $2.95.

Novelty Soap-on-Rope

Not your regular soap-on-a-rope, novelty soap-on-a-rope now comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. From soccer balls, baseballs, and footballs to skulls, soap-on-a-rope is a classic gift with a new twist. Soap-on-a-rope retails for about $6.95.

Shot Glasses

Smaller than a mug, or beer Stein, shot glasses are another way to personalize a Father’s Day greeting. If Dad’s a sports fan, There are shot glasses representing every sports team in the USA. He might like a shot glass with his hometown etched across it. Or there are always novelty shot glasses with cute sayings and funny jokes printed on them. Shot glasses retail around $3.88 each.

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Gifts for New Dads

Nesting Days Men’s Newborn Baby Carrier

The perfect gift for the new dad is the Nesting Days newborn baby carrier for men! It holds babies 7 to 18 pounds skin-to-skin, kissably close, and hands-free.The built-in tank top needs to fit snug against the adult’s chest, and the outer shirt-carrier should fit tighter than an ordinary shirt.

Sentimental Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Custom Sign

Father's Day Gifts

Have a custom sign made for their office. Last year I decided to have a custom sign made. I sent the sticker to Holly at All My Goodness explained what I wanted and this is what she created. She is amazingly talented and you can find her over at the Etsy shop All My Goodness!

Custom Photo

Father's Day GiftsUse Shutterfly or some other photo creation site to create the collage. Here I had my kids form letters out  


19 Father's Day Gift Ideas

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