If you’re looking to give Dad a great and memorable gift but don’t have much cash to spend, don’t worry. There are lots of Father’s Day gifts for under $10. If you’re on a budget, but still want to find a way to tell Dad how special he is to you on Father’s Day, the internet is full of retailers that offer under $10 Father’s Day gifts. A cool pair of socks, a bumper sticker that matches his personality, custom keychain, novelty soap-on-a-rope, or shot glass from Dad’s hometown are all great options.

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Custom Sign

Have a custom sign made for their office. Last year I decided to have a custom sign made for my husband for his office. I wasn’t sure if he would put it in our home office or take it to work. He took it to work, so I feel like I did good. My husband flies the F-15 and I had an F-15 sticker that was supposed to be a bumper sticker. I sent the sticker to Holly at All My Goodness explained what I wanted and this is what she created. She is amazingly talented and you can find her over at the Etsy shop All My Goodness!

Custom Photo

Father's Day GiftsThe other gift we gave him was this 8×10 collage. I took the kids to the park and took pictures of them making letters with their bodies. Then I used Shutterfly to create the collage. He took this to the office too!

Electronic Gifts

You really can’t go wrong with any sort of electronic gift or accessory for an electronic device.

Cell Phone Holder for the Car

Father's Day GiftsI recently got one of these for my car and absolutely love it. It adjusts for any size phone and rotates sideways. I think it makes a great gift. I went ahead and added this link to the exact one I have because it is less than what I paid for mine at Marshalls. There are a bunch to choose from on Amazon.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black

 This wristband does all kinds of cool stuff and it’s about $50 cheaper than the others on the market. I’ve been looking into these for a while and after asking a couple of friends wearing similar devices and talking to an electronics guru, I narrowed my choices down to this one. It does everything in one device.
  •  It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and monitors how long and well you sleep! Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm!

Travel Charger

This is a sleek travel charger with a USB port. It lets you charge any device that uses a USB port anywhere. My son’s gymnastics coach from Florida came to visit and he had one of these. While our phones ran down his was charging up.

Budget Father’s Day Gifts

If you are on a budget, you can still find something for Father’s Day. 


Giving socks for father’s day doesn’t mean the plain old boring six-pack of white crew cut socks grandma gets you every year on your birthday. The kind of socks you should be looking for are fun novelty socks.

A simple internet search for “funny socks” will pull up a wide variety of options. “Dad’s Stinky Feet” socks, a pair of green and yellow superhero socks with thunderbolts on them, or beer and pretzel embroidered socks are a great way to put a smile on Dad’s face for under $10. A pair of novelty socks retails from around $6.99 on up.

Bumper stickers or keychains

Internet shopping for bumper stickers has never been easier. And with sites like Zazzle.com and Cafepress.com, you can design your own. There are Dad-themed bumper stickers and keychains (i.e. “Grateful Dad” and “Ninja Dad Sees All”) or you can pick a theme that your Dad has and interest in and search for bumper stickers to match. If your father’s political, you can find plenty of bumper stickers and anti- bumper stickers on all sorts of issues. If he enjoys sports, there are lots of sports-themed bumper stickers and keychains to choose from. Bumper sticker retail from about $3.95 and keychains retail from around $2.95.

Novelty Soap-on-Rope

Not your regular soap-on-a-rope, novelty soap-on-a-rope now comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. From soccer balls, baseballs, and footballs to skulls, soap-on-a-rope is a classic gift with a new twist. Soap-on-a-rope retails for about $6.95.

Shot Glasses

Smaller than a mug, or beer Stein, shot glasses are another way to personalize a Father’s Day greeting. If Dad’s a sports fan, There are shot glasses representing every sports team in the USA. He might like a shot glass with his hometown etched across it. Or there are always novelty shot glasses with cute sayings and funny jokes printed on them. Shot glasses retail around $3.88 each.

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