So far I have been house boating with kids three times. This type of vacation was new to us, but had been highly recommend by a friend. I must say with kids this is a very relaxing vacation. I know what you are thinking, “What?  On a boat?  Over water??”

Why I Enjoy Houseboating

Here are some key things I liked about it:
1. You have your own room because there are multiple rooms.
2. There is almost always a hot tub on the upper deck.
3. It is a lot like camping, but you don’t have to sleep outside on the ground.
4. You can pick a different spot to beach at every night and have a camp fire every night.
5. Depending on which lake you are on there are marked places to beach and then go on a hike.

Things You Need to Know Before Houseboating

Here are some important things to keep in mind:
1. You are on the water so make sure there is adequate railing all around the boat. The front deck, the back deck and up top. Make sure that the top has railing all the way around including gates that will keep the children from being able to go up and down the stairs.
2. Take your own life jackets.
3. Houseboats do not get good gas mileage. You will spend a lot of money on gas depending on how much you drive it around.

Here are some fun extras to take with you: Kite, bubbles, water trampoline, ski boat or jet ski (if you have one), and fishing rods.

house boating at Lake Shuswap, BC, Canada
Lake Shuswap, BC, Canada