I pretty much consider my kids to be rockstars. Why you are wondering? Well, it’s because they are military kids and I think all military kids are rockstars.

5 Ways Military Kids Are Awesome

1. They’ve gone through multiple deployments. Not only is one of their parents gone for months on end, but they are stuck with the parent left behind that is usually completely stressed out.

2. They’ve had to relocate a lot. Imagine being the new kid at school. Now imagine being the new kid every other year.

3. They have extreme patience. From counting down the days for Dad or Mom to come home only to have it change at the last minute or having to go with the flow when a military move turns into a disaster and the family has nowhere to live but a hotel for months on end.

4. Military kids have seen the world or at least quite a bit of it.

5. They’ve experienced unique things other kids haven’t, like flying around on military planes. (I took my kids to see their dad while he was deployed to Honduras. I mean, how many American kids can say they’ve lived in a hooch with no running water in a 3rd world country!)

Since these military kids are so awesome it should be easy to help earn them a Pro Camp.


P&G ProCamps

When you buy P&G select brands at the commissary between March 19-April 8, you can help your Commissary bring a Pro Camp to your base by purchasing select, marked items such as Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Pantene, Crest, and Gillette. 
ProCamps are a great way for your military child to meet a new friend and they encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. It also provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to play football with an NFL player.
At ProCamp kids will catch passes, learn routes and defend against these individuals that they look up to and see on TV each Sunday. Each kid receives a camp t-shirt, an autograph from the player, a team photo and a football among other things.
Even if you don’t have kids, this is an easy opportunity to help promote physical fitness and bring the military community together if you shop at a commissary.