Find out why you will want to have a Disney MagicBand the next time you visit a Disney park and the many uses you will enjoy with the MagicBand.6 benefits of having a Disney Magic BandIf you’ve ever been on a Disney trip and stayed at the resort, you have probably heard of or even had the Disney MagicBand.
If you’ve never heard of the Disney MagicBand, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you all about it. This way, if you’re going to be taking a Disney trip soon, you will be able to decide if the Disney MagicBand is best for you and what you need on your vacation. I personally think the MagicBand is a great system that Disney has come up with. A MagicBand is a a waterproof band you wear on your wrist that allows you to get through Disney easier. Here are all of the amazing benefits of these bands!

6 Benefits of Getting a Disney MagicBand for Disney

1. Check Into Your Disney Resort Hotel Room
When staying at the Disney resort you are able to use your magic band to register it to your room and enter this way which is great because then you don’t have to worry about having your room card on hand throughout the resort. Your kid’s Magic Band will also be tied to the room, so each of them can unlock the room. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Hotel you receive your MagicBands for free. Before your trip, they will notify you to pick out the colors you want and what name you want on the inside of the band. If you do not customize the band then they will ship everyone in your party a grey MagicBand.
2. Charge Food and Souvenirs to Your Disney Resort Room Bill
This is another fantastic feature of the magic band. You can charge your food and merchandise purchases to your room, this makes for a lot less worry about losing money or credit cards while you are walking through the parks! Another fun fact you may not know about is you can charge your merchandise to your bands, and then have the souvenirs sent back to your room so you don’t have to carry everything around with you. You can pick and choose who has the credit card linked to their Magic Band. If your children are entering the Disney Parks by themselves you can allocate one of them with charging privileges.
3. Access to The Fast Pass Lane
If you choose to get a fast pass that allows you to skip ahead in line for the attractions, you can also load that to your MagicBand as well! Once again, this makes for simply one less thing you have to worry about carrying around with you in the park.
4. Get Entry to Multiple Parks
 If you plan to visit multiple Disney parks, you can load them all onto your band and get admission to all the parks at Disney World, including the Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, and Blizzard Beach Water Park. Not to mention, it actually saves you money to bundle multiple parks together.
5. Check Your Photos Linked To Your Account
If you get photos taken throughout the park, you can also have those linked to your band and you can then later access them and decide whether or not you want to purchase them. When you get off each ride you can view your photo. If you want to keep it you just touch your band to the scanner and it saves it to your account.
6. Accessorize Your Trip
Lastly, the MagicBands are simply adorable and they make for a great accessory. They have various colors and customizations that you can get with your magic bands. Check out your local Disney stores for some great custom bands.
Dinsey MagicBands
If you’re going to be staying at the Disney Resort and going on a Disney trip, you will automatically receive a gray MagicBand. However, even if you are not staying at a Disney resort, if you plan to visit multiple parks you can still get many benefits of the MagicBands and you should definitely look into MagicBands. If you are staying on property be sure to login into your MyMagic account and pick out what color you want a few weeks before your trip.

MagicBands FAQ

Since I originally wrote this article many of you have asked me questions. Some of the questions are similar, so I thought I would just go ahead and add some of them here. If you have a question I have not gone over feel free to ask.

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How much do MagicBands cost?

If you are staying at a Disney World hotel they are free, otherwise, you have to purchase them. They start out at around $14.99 and go up from there.

Are MagicBand accessories worth it?

I actually bought my kids some accessories for theirs and we lost most of them, so I am going to say no. However, there is a wide assortment of MagicBand accessories that are stuck on and cannot come off. I would recommend trying those instead. 

Do you need paper tickets for the parks if you have a MagicBand?

No, you will not need your paper tickets.

What should I do if I have a problem with my band at the park?

Visit guest services and they will help you.

Can MagicBands be reused?

Yes, we have reused ours, multiple times.

What should I do if I lose my MagicBand?

Head to guest services where they will deactivate the old band and issue you a new one. This happened to use once on a ride and it was replaced quickly. However, the custom name inside the band was gone.

Can I swim in my MagicBand?

These bands are completely waterproof, so yes, you can swim with them on.

6 Benefits of Getting a Disney MagicBand

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