We never have time for ourselves because our lives are busy and so interlinked with our surroundings, but what you need to understand is the fact that everyone needs a break, even the ladies. So, if you have just gotten out of a toxic relationship or need a break from your hectic life, I suggest you need to take a vacation, but the next question is, as a single lady, where should you go? 

6 Destinations Perfect For All The Single Ladies Out There

Well, not to worry because I have you covered. I have collected six different destinations that will make you want to pack your bag and leave immediately, keep reading to discover what will you see in the places below.

Finland, YlläsYllas, Finland

Finland is one of the coldest regions, the air becomes crisp, and the weather is freezing. The best part about Ylläs is that the sun barely comes out for a short period, which creates a combination of the sunset and the sunrise, and it’s just magical to look at, I advise everyone reading this article to visit Ylläs once in their life for this breathtaking experience.

The ladies would love Ylläs because of the amiable locals. Upon your return, I guarantee you will have five to six friends. Moreover, it is the home to the only ski slopes which attract solo travelers. You can do a gazillion things such as heading onto a husky safari, you can talk to the locals in the snowman world or chill with your girlfriends at the after-ski bar, and if you are lucky, you may catch the northern lights. 

Nusa Islands, IndonesiaNusa Islands

The Nusa Islands are one of the crowded places where three islands are combined: Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan. These islands hold the same place in people’s eyes that Bali had around 25 to 30 years ago. There are beautiful beaches to enjoy with breathtaking views, you will have to walk more, but it will always be worth it. 

Nusa Islands are ideal for single ladies because all the couples choose places like Bali to go for their honeymoon or breaks. Hence, there are greater chances of a single lady not sitting awkwardly beside a romantic couple. Moreover, ladies can enjoy the roads on their own on a bike, and you will be ending up at spots where there are more solo travelers, which can give you a chance to mingle around and meet more people.

Morocco, MarrakechMarrakech

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities filled with figs, palms, and orange trees. The weather of the city is pleasant. The government of Morocco has worked hard to make their country save as they rely highly on tourism, which is suitable for tourists, especially female tourists. 

A single woman must visit Marrakech once in her life because she will be able to learn a lot about their clothing and the best part is if a man is making them uncomfortable, all they have to do is make noise and shout, and in no time a group of people will be out to help you. 

The people of Marrakech are friendly, but they want to make you be at home, for which they will invite you to their home and give you a chance to try their local cuisines and desserts. To connect with the women of Marrakech, you will have to make an effort and visit the local bathhouse, also known as the Hammam. 

Every Hammam has a different time for men and women, so get ready to enjoy without the fear of being exposed to the opposite sex. Connecting with Marrakech’s women will bring you closer to seeing the culture of Marrakech, and you, as a woman, will realize how much women are respected in this city.

Moab, UtahMoab, Utah

If you love camping, then this is the place you have to be. The city is filled with gorgeous campsites and unusual rock formation that will leave you stunned. 

Camping and hiking with your friends on a summer day in the city seems to be a dream come true and must be experienced once in life but make sure to carry your binoculars with you as they will be of great help during the hike if you don’t have any you can buy one at OpticsVilla for they have excellent quality. 

Visiting Moab is one of the best options for the ladies because they can meet many different people from different backgrounds at the free campsites. 

Moab has many different coffee shops, and people love going on road trips to explore; all of these opportunities attract similar crowds with similar interests; thus, they get to mingle, guide, and help each other whenever stuck at someplace. You can easily find friends in Moab that will share your interest and will take an interest.

Maui, HawaiiMaui Hawaii

Maui is the perfect place for a solo trip for its offers so much, such as camping, swimming, crashing at luxurious resorts, surfing, hiking, and so much more. Maui has some breathtaking sandy beaches that you will fall in love with the instant you see them. 

It is one of the best places for the ladies because many female activities can keep the ladies occupied, activities like girls camp help women find other women with a common interest in the sports side, the women can team up and learn more and more about their interests and discover new things together. Moreover, you can go camping, meet new people, experience new things and don’t forget; you will always have fun in Maui.

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Iceland is one of the gorgeous places on the earth with its black beaches that take your breath away, with the cutest ponies that you can hug and most of all the northern lights that give you butterflies in the stomach. 

It is filled with waterfalls, and its natural beauty makes it better than everything else. It’s great for the ladies because it is one of the safest countries; people tend to leave their cars open when they go out for groceries because that’s the level of trust they have. 

Moreover, Iceland entertains loads of solo travelers around the world. Hence, I am certain you can find a friend or two in your hotel and ask them to travel around with you, you guys can split the rental car bill and enjoy adventures together.Iceland's Blue Lagoon

To sum it all up, every person in this world needs to travel alone once. Traveling with family is fun, but traveling solo will teach you things that no one can, therefore, start saving up and planning for your solo trip, and I promise you, if you choose any of the above destinations, you will not regret it.