As the long days of winter drag on and on, we all know that spring is literally right around the corner and that means a school break is coming! If you get the chance to get away for a nice spring break trip – do it! Below are 6 travel tips for planning a vacation at any time of year, so go ahead and start planning a Spring Break vacation.

6 Travel Tips for Planning a Vacation

1. Research. 

Any time you are heading to a new destination, it is important to do your research. I don’t mean overdo it and study so much about the area, that nothing is new to you. Just have a good idea of the best area to stay, perhaps a few good restaurants, and of course, the safest places to shop and take public transportation if necessary.

2. Get travel insurance. 

This sometimes can seem like a money waster, but trust me, it’s not. (I got to pay over a thousand dollars out of pocket in Canada a few years ago when I didn’t have travel insurance.) If you are taking a cruise or flying overseas, especially, things can change and events can happen that are out of your control, so just be prepared.

3. Read reviews. 

Before taking your trip, get on travel sites like this one and read reviews of the places you are going and staying. Often previous travelers offer the best advice on where to go and places to avoid when visiting a particular destination. My favorite two review sites are Yelp and Trip Advisor.

4. Follow travel bloggers. 

This is super important if you want the latest and greatest opinions on travel tips, advice, and things to do and not do while traveling.  Also, join an online travel forum and sign up for email and daily updates right to your inbox. (You can subscribe to this travel blog over on the right sidebar!)

5. Travel perks. 

This is the time to cash in those travel miles you’ve earned over the year, especially if you used a credit card that earns miles for holiday shopping.  Also, if you don’t belong to a hotel stay rewards program, join now and if you do, call and find out how many points you have towards a free hotel night stay.

6. Pack appropriately. 

Despite the unpredictable spring temperatures, try not to overpack and take way more than you really need. An outfit per day with a few interchangeable clothing items and a few pairs of comfortable shoes should suffice. Of course, depending on your destination you will want to save some room for souvenirs and a rain jacket. 

Enjoy your trip by planning a little, packing a little light, but most of all by enjoying time away from it all with the ones you love.

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