6 things to do in Berlin, GermanyGermany’s capital city is often known for its turbulent history, and there’s no doubt the city is home to an abundance of must-visit historic sites. But in addition to its memorials and museums, Berlin is a must-visit destination for its food, arts, and unique travel experiences. The following are six out-of-the-ordinary things you can only do in Berlin.

1. Admire Graffiti at Urban NationUrban Nation in Berlin, Germany

Graffiti is a part of Berlin’s culture and you’ll find it everywhere from socialist blocks to family-friendly playgrounds. The first museum dedicated to graffiti calls Berlin home and with good reason. Urban Nation is free to the public and celebrates the work of unique artists such as Ron English, Bled le Rat, and even Banksy. Take a stroll through the museum to learn more about this free and unique art form.

2. Bike By the Berlin Wall

Brandenburg Gate part of the Berlin WallNo trip to Berlin would be complete without a visit to the Berlin Wall. While you can tour the wall on foot, it’s actually a more memorable experience to rent a bike and cycle down the Berlin Trail. This is a double row of cobblestones that mark the wall around the city. Start on the East side to see a part of the wall that’s still standing and is known for its iconic artwork. Make sure to keep an eye out for the memorial markers that are set into the ground near the wall as well. They were placed to serve as a marker for people who died while trying to cross.

3. Get Naked in Stadtbad NeukollnStadtbad Neukolln in Berlin, Germany

Shed some inhibitions and enjoy a few hours in the most beautiful bathhouse in Berlin. Once inside, you’ll leave your clothing behind and fully pamper your body. The Russian-Roman and Greek pools, saunas, and steam rooms offer a relaxing experience for the weary traveler. Also, if you don’t mind being with other people also sans clothing, you’ll find Stadtbad Neukolln as one of the most unique bathhouse experiences in Europe. Even if the nudity isn’t for you, the amazing architecture of the bathhouse is spectacular and worth visiting.

4. Explore New Flavors at Schwarze TraubeSchwarze Traube in Berlin, Germany

German food isn’t always thought of as being particularly adventurous, but you can enjoy amazing drinks with the off-menu cocktails here at Schwarze Traube. Almost every street in Berlin has an underground bar, but one of the best and most unique would have to be Schwarze Traube located in Kreuzberg. It’s spread over three rooms and the art is cobbled together from a variety of flea markets. You end up with an atmosphere that feels a bit hipster for sure, but the cocktails are what those who are in the know visit for. You won’t find a menu, but instead, tell the owner your favorite flavors, and he’ll mix up an amazing concoction just for you.

5. Take a Cruise on a HouseboatSpree river in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a tangle of canals and waterways that you can explore when you’re in the area. Located off the River Spree, take a trip on the wooden Wasserkirche houseboats. They’re almost silent, making for a relaxing trip that’s also loaded with snacks. As you travel through the canals, you’ll enjoy a cruise on the water and enjoy a history lesson as you travel past the Molecule Man sculptures.

6. Tour the Reichstag BuildingReichstag Building in Berlin, Germany

If you enjoy amazing architecture, or even if you’re not much of a history buff, the Reichstag Building is guaranteed to be one of the unforgettable sites you visit in the city. It’s now where Parliament sits and features a glass dome to represent its commitment to transparency. The entrance here is free of charge, but you’ll want to book a tour to get the full experience. With a tour, you’ll learn much more about the history and construction of the building. Finish your tour by stopping by the coffee shop, which is open to the public.

These are a few of the unforgettable and unique things to do while you’re in Berlin, Germany. Although Berlin has a rich history, it also has an amazing underground scene that is shown in the art, food, and culture today. With this list, you can experience the best of both worlds. Chances are, you won’t find anywhere else in the world quite like Berlin.

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