One of the items I take with me when I travel is a little bottle with Johnson’s® Baby Oil in it. I have a handful of reasons I do this, and I am going to share them with you, even the somewhat embarrassing ones.

Travel hacks with baby oil

1. Fight Head Lice

 The kids and I will travel anywhere and try almost anything. This means that sometimes we get exposed to head lice. It isn’t something I have ever talked about on my blog, but if you are volunteering with kids in a 3rd world country or you are staying at the only crappy hotel you could find last minute in a country you were not suppose to be in sometimes you end up with lice. Over the years I have become extremely paranoid about any of us getting lice. Sometimes I have an inkling that we’ve been exposed and that is where the baby oil comes in.

If I think we’ve been exposed we soak our hair in baby oil and then stick it into a shower cap. Most every hotel offers free shower caps. To suffocate any possible lice, sleep like this with the oil on your hair and keep it in the shower cap.

Keep in mind two things. One, I am doing this more as a preventative measure. Secondly, my kids are older and can sleep in a shower cap without having issues. This may provide challenges for younger kids.

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2. Eye Makeup Remover

I wear quite a bit of eye makeup and sometimes it can be difficult to get off. I put a little dab of oil on a cotton ball and use it as an eye makeup remover.

3. Leg Shaving

If you have no shaving cream, you can use baby oil. If you just don’t want to pack another liquid item, like shaving cream, this is super handy!

4. Remove Rings

Often times when I am traveling I swell. I’m not sure why, but I do. I wear one ring on each hand and sometimes they can be difficult to get off at the end of the day. I use a touch of oil and they slide off.

5. Wind Burn Prevention

When we ski we do not get sunburned, but we do get windburned. You can rub a little bit of baby oil on your kids’ faces and it will reduce windburn.

6. Bug Repellant

If you forget to pack bug spray or TSA throws away your bug spray, use baby oil instead. You can rub some baby oil on your skin to help repel bugs.

7. Unsticking Stuck Items

If a zipper is stuck on a jacket or suitcase you can put a little baby oil on it to loosen it and get it unstuck. I have rarely had to use this to get a zipper unstuck, but it has always been the zipper on a backpack! You can also use this to get a band aid off or rub away that sticky residue.

You can buy Johnson Baby oil at Walmart, including travel size bottles!

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