Camping in Oregon is such an amazing experience. The stars in the sky can be mesmerizing if you are able to camp beneath them. Sitting around a campfire is an experience that shouldn’t be missed and snacking on all the food items that you can cook on that campfire? Incredible. No food will ever taste as good to you as campfire food. Trust me. There is just something about it…the way the smoke engulfs the food is something that everyone should try at least once in their life.

Oregon is a state that offers some tremendous camping destinations. There are beautiful views, paired with crisp fresh air, and plenty of camping spots just waiting for you.

Top Camping Destinations in Oregon

Nehalem Bay State Park

If you’ve ever dreamed of camping and waking up near the water, this is the campground for you. Spend the day playing in the sand, dipping your toes in the water, or even just hiking along the beach front. Keep your eyes peeled for the varied wildlife that can be spotted throughout the park. If you don’t have your own tent, they even have yurts that you can rent! Nehalem Bay State Park is situated on a 4 mile-long sand spit and only 86 miles west of Portland along the north Oregon Coast.

LaPine State Park

Why not have an epic camping adventure at the state park with the largest Ponderosa pine in Oregon? Sounds like a fun fact worth exploring to me! If that isn’t awesome enough, explore the park and all its wonder by checking out the trout in the river or take the time to view the eagles flying all around. If camping in nature is what you are looking for, this is the campsite for you. This campground is located along the Upper Deschutes River.

Harris Beach State Park

Looking for a park that will literally take your breath away? Harris Beach State Park is beautiful. With beaches that go on for miles, the day can easily be spent just walking along the shore, looking out over the water. And if you look hard and long enough out over that water, you may very well see gray whales, seals, and a plethora of different types of birds. And don’t forget the sunsets! Some of the most beautiful and glorious sunsets that you will see can be viewed overlooking the water at this park.

Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park

Cascadia State Park

If peace and tranquility is your ideal camping trip, then consider booking your next camping adventure at this state park. There are very few campsites available offering great privacy for your camping crew. Plus, this park offers a couple great hiking trails to explore as well. Peace and quiet with a bit of hiking? Sounds like a great adventure!

Wallowa State Park

Could this campground be any more majestic? You are surrounded by three mountains with a perfect view of the lake. Would you complain waking up every morning with that view? Another great perk is that literally walking distance away from the entrance of the park are several family-friendly activities to enjoy as well such as horseback riding and even go-karts! This park has it all with the beauty of nature and the activities for everyone!

Suttle Lake 

Suttle Lake is a little known spot not far from Sisters, Oregon is one of our favorite places to camp. You can tent camp here or stay in a yurt. There is a 3 mile hiking/biking trail around the lake.

KOA Astoria/Seaside

The KOA in Astoria has cozy little cabins that families can stay in. The cabins are either one-room or two-room and can come with or without a private bathroom. They have an indoor pool and hot tub, a bouncing pillow, mini golf, and lots of playgrounds. The campground is located across the street from the main park entrance of Ft. Stevens State Park.KOA Bounce Pillow

Camping is seriously a great bonding time for the family. While it can be hard to all agree on where to go, it’s important to find out what each person wants to do and then try to find a campground that accommodates those requests. If your family loves to swim, then you should find a campground that has options for swimming. Sounds easy, right? It can be, it just takes a bit of research and planning to find that campground that can give you and your family everything that you want.

This is where the beauty of the internet comes into play. Not only can you research and find any campground that is public in the state of Oregon, but you can then read reviews that other fellow campers have left as well about their latest camping adventure. By reading and becoming educated, you can learn a lot about campgrounds that you were considering staying at. People commenting on travel forums will be much more straightforward with telling you the good, the bad, and the ugly than finding that information directly on the camping website. No matter your next camping location, make certain to do your research to find the best camping spot for you and your family. Then, book that site and get ready to have a blast on your camping trip!

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