I am excited to share with you some great Tips For 7 Days In Lanzarote, Spain with Kids!  Taking the kids on holiday can sometimes feel like a military operation. Not only do you have to take care of the basics like food, sleep, tantrums and getting everybody on your Lanzarote flights – you have to make sure they have fun too! The Spanish island of Lanzarote is perfectly geared towards this kind of family occasion – it has everything you’ll need within easy reach. Here’s a sample seven day itinerary…

7 Days in Lanzarote, Spain with the Kids 

Day 1: Chill at the beach

“Mom! Mom! Let’s go do stuff!” Woah, slow down there kiddos. After the stress of travelling everybody needs a little time to decompress. Fortunately, Lanzarote, Spain, has some amazing beaches where you can all go and relax. Resort style beaches like Playa Flamingo guarantee sun and sand with activities for the kids. If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten track, try Playa Famara. Lanzarote, Spain is a great family-friendly destination! Check out our Tips For 7 Days In Lanzarote, Spain with Kids for a great itinerary you'll love!

Day 2: Dive in a submarine

OK, you’ve had some well-deserved beach time – now it’s time for your first family adventure. Lanzarote, Spain has some excellent submarine safaris, allowing you to see the technicolor sights of the deep from the comfort of your very own submersible. Take a look!

Day 3: Visit the Pirate Museum 

After being inspired by your big dive, continue on the seafaring theme with a trip to the Pirate Museum in Teguise. This exciting museum is located in a castle that was originally meant to protect the island’s inhabitants from pirate attacks. Oh the irony!

Day 4: Make a splash at the water park

While you might be feeling a little seasick at this point, the kids are just getting started. Mention the word ‘water park’ and watch their eyes light up! Aqua Park Costa Teguise is a one stop shop for all of your water park needs, with slides, pools, games and rides that will keep your family entertained all day long.  Just make sure you have the best sunscreen and water park accessories like roomy towels and cover ups for the kids!

Day 5: Go kart racing!

You could spend the next day relaxing on the beach, or if you’re really brave you could take everybody go-karting at the kart track in San Bartolom√©. There is a bar here if you find yourself needing a drink after the race!

Day 6: Visit Rancho Texas Park

For a less high-octane day out, take the kids to Rancho Texas in Puerto del Carmen. This unusual park has a wild west theme, maybe not something you thought you’d find in the Canary Islands.

Day 7: Camel Safari 

Take it easy on your last day on Lanzarote, Spain with a nice, gentle camel safari. This is a great opportunity to see the island’s natural beauty in Timanfaya National Park.

Lanzarote, Spain is a great family-friendly destination! Check out our Tips For 7 Days In Lanzarote, Spain with Kids for a great itinerary you'll love!

OK, so this itinerary is probably a little bit ambitious! But, definitely make sure to try at least one of these things to do in Lanzarote, Spain if you travel here this year. It is a wonderful family-friendly destination!

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Lanzarote Spain with kids - Here is a 7 day itinerary for Lanzarote, Spain to help you plan the entire trip.

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