7 Money Saving Travel Websites

7 Money Saving Travel Websites

There are loads of money saving travel websites to choose from. I utilized an assortment of websites to get the best travel deals I can find.  Here is a list of my 7 favorite travel discount sites right now.

      1. Chose Your Exact Flight & TimePriceline has been one of my favorite sites for a long time.  I have been successful bidding on many occasions now and feel like I have saved a lot of money through their site over the years. I even wrote a short guide on how to bid on Priceline.
      2. Expedia.com Expedia offers deals on a little bit of everything when it comes to travel. I have found some pretty great hotel deals on here over the years!
      3.  TripAdvisor now allows you to book hotels through their website. Which is nice, because most were already using this site to look at reviews of hotels anyway. Now you don’t have to click back and forth between sites.
      4. Travelzoo has deals on everything involving a vacation: lodging, airfare, activities, and more. I’m always booking something through them. If you sign up for their newsletter they will send you a list of Top 20 deals that week with some of them being directly for your general area.
      5. Flightnetwork.com -Specializing in Cheap Flights F Flight Network runs some pretty good deals at times.  So, they are always worth checking out. You never know when their deal might be to your city.
      6. HipMunk is a newer website that I’ve been using a lot to check airfare prices. I love the way they display the choices. We found this site to be particularly helpful while we were in Europe.
      7. Hotel Tonight is a new travel app that can save you a load on hotels. They release a list of available hotels at noon each day. If you can tolerate not booking a hotel until the last minute, then this site will save you large amounts of money.


Then of course I have to mention Groupon and LivingSocial even though they are daily deal sites and not strictly travel sites. I’ve noticed a lot of great vacation deals on their pages, so it is always worth checking. You never know you might find a quick deal on a package that is better or cheaper than what you could have gotten separately.

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