Part of the fun of a Disney World vacation is scouting around for unique Disney World souvenirs. Think of it as a Mickey-inspired treasure hunt. Why not leave the mugs and mouse ears on the shelf and opt for something mentioned here, instead? Unless, of course, the mouse ears are monogrammed!

7 Unique Disney World Souvenirs

1. First Haircut

If you happen to be traveling with a child who is ready for his (or her) first haircut, Harmony Barber Shop inside the Magic Kingdom wants to help you make a memory with their Baby’s 1st Haircut at Disney World package. The package includes a “keepsake” lock of hair, a certificate and embroidered “First Haircut” Mickey ears. This is the most unique Disney World souvenir we’ve ever gotten because you literally have to be there and get the haircut in person. Baby's 1st Haircut at Disney World

2. Jedi Light Saber

At Disney World, you can build and customize your own lightsaber. There are two locations where you can do this, inside Disney Hollywood Studio near the Star Wars ride or at the Star Wars store at Disney Springs. All three of my kids have done this and they all had so much fun. And it is something they will actually keep.

Here is Jonah building his own Lightsaber at Disney World. I enjoy how the cast member made him promise to use it for good. 

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3. Custom Droid

Another Star Wars item you can make is a droid. They have a droid bar just like the light saber bar where you can customize your own droid. Build your own droid at Disney World

4. Disney Character Potato Heads

At Disney Springs inside the Once Upon a Toy store you can visit the potato head bar. Here you can pick out pieces like Donald Duck, Darth Vader, storm troopers, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and many more. And it’s cheap too. It’s a flat price for however much you can cram into the package!

5. Haunted Portrait

Are you a Haunted Mansion fan? If so, you can take home spooky “spirit photo” of yourself or one of your travel buddies. Visit the photo room in Memento Mori and let the picture taking begin!

6. Animation Drawings

Head on over to the Art of Disney and you have three options… buy a ready-made animation drawing, pick a character and have an artist draw it for you or take a free character drawing lesson and create one yourself. The choice is up to you. We have done all three. If you draw your own character be sure to snap a photo of your creation. Of the three it is the personalized Disney drawing by one of their artist that we love the most. Best Disney Souvenir

7. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies have been a popular Disney World souvenir since 1994. Insert a shiny penny into any one of scads of pressing machines, located in the park. As if by magic, your ordinary penny gets transformed into a fun keepsake that you can then collect and trade.

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These are just a few of the more unique souvenirs available at Disney World. If none of them appeal to you, make a point to visit the World of Disney store located at Disney Springs. The 51,000 square foot store is sure to have what you’re looking for and things you never knew existed.

Disney World truly has something for everyone when it comes to souvenirs. From classic t-shirts and mugs to one-of-a-kind keepsakes, there’s something available that will be sure to make lasting memories during your time in the park. You don’t have to break the bank either – there are plenty of affordable options that will capture the magic of your trip without consuming your whole wallet. The perfect pick may take a little more effort, but put on your detective cap and you’ll be guaranteed a souvenir unlike anything else you can find anywhere else.

Now let’s hear from you: which unique Disney World souvenir is your favorite? Feel free to drop us a comment below or share what souvenirs would have made your list! Until next time, Disney fanatics – until next time!7 Unique Disney World Souvenirs to buy at Walt Disney World.