My best friend is getting married this month! So naturally, we had to throw her a huge bachelorette party! Where else but Vegas, baby! Here are a few ideas on how to have an amazing bachelorette party. Especially if you’re going to be in Vegas!

8 Ways to Make a Bachelorette Party Amazing!

1. Pick a theme!

Now I don’t like the idea of having male anatomy as a theme. I prefer to go with something a little more (OK a LOT more) fabulous. Choose a fun theme! Or even just a color scheme. We did a color scheme in hot pink and black. But there are a ton of different themes to choose from!

2. Make a veil!

I found a veil at Hobby Lobby as well as some sequins and the glitter letters that spell out bachelorette! This will definitely get the bride lots of attention… And free shots!bridal veil

 3. Make a booty veil!

This is great for a big party destination like Vegas or Miami. I got a big white silk bow at hobby lobby, a feather clip for the middle of the bow, and attached it with super glue to a hair clip for the back of her bikini! So cute! And more fun to wear the booty veil to the pool than the headpiece!booty veil

4. Decorate the room!

We hung up streamers, a couple of banners, confetti, and we even had a balloon drop! I even made a banner that we hung in the window that said “cheers bitches”.

FullSizeRender (7)

Lovely banner I made for the room

5. Bachelorette survival kits.

These can include anything you want I recommend shooters, nail files, compact mirror, band-aids (for pretty but painful shoes), those little packets of Tylenol or Advil, and anything else small you want to throw in there.

6. Plan where you’re going ahead of time.

Make your dinner reservations ahead of time. Plan ahead which clubs, day clubs (there are some pretty awesome ones in Vegas. We were at Tao Beach in the picture below), and bars you’ll go to after. If you’re heading to a big city like Vegas, Miami, or New York City try and get a club promoter. No lines and no cover!


Tao Beach in Las Vegas

7. Plan the transportation.

If you can get enough girls to go you can all split a limo or just take a cab.

8. Take the bride-to-be to get her make-up done!

We went to Sephora. I LOVE getting my make-up done at Sephora. It’s $50 but you get that much in products! Basically, you’re just going in to buy make-up and get your makeup done by a professional too! So if you need make-up anyway, it’s a great deal. Plus the make-up artists always suggest products I’ve never tried before. I have gotten some awesome makeup from their suggestions that I never would have picked out myself!

sephora makeup

I hope these tips help! Good luck planning!

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