You are ready to rent a car and it’s the last thing you need to complete your trip, so how can you save some money? Here are 8 discount auto rental hacks to do just that!

8 Car Rental Hacks That Will Save You Money

Skip the airport pick-up

Yes, I know, it is super convenient to go from the flight straight to the rental counter and get your car rental. If you are not careful, you will have to pay additional airport fees for their services. Go ahead and either have a friend pick you up or take a cab or Uber to a local car rental place away from an airport. Often times it is substantially cheaper to rent at a car rental location further from the airport.

If you do pick up at the airport considering joining a rewards program that lets you skip the line.

Fill ‘er up

Whatever you do, don’t return the car with an empty tank. They tell you when you are renting the car up front and it is on the paperwork what the charges will be if you do so. Stop on your way back to the return center and fill up the gas tank because the up-charge is astronomical. I know because I have made this mistake three times now! Now I just pre-pay for gas.

Rent longer to save money

The longer the length of time you rent your car, the more money you will save. Yes, the daily rate is advertised to reel you in, but the weekly rate is always best. Always ask when you are picking up your car if they are running any weekly specials too. If you need the car for less time it still makes a difference. My most recent rental car was cheaper for two days than it was for a day and a half.

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Book your car and flight together

How many times have you booked your flight online and then it asks you if you want to rent a car? I usually skip it, but here is where it actually is a good idea and by reserving it with your flight you secure that rate. Most travel websites have a Flight + Car tab that you can click on and here you will find tons of deals and discounts. This is not always the case, so go ahead and check the price separately as well.

Don’t opt for the insurance

As you probably already know, most of the major credit cards out there offer coverage for car rentals. Just check on yours first before picking up your car so that you can deny the coverage offered by the car rental agency. My personal car insurance covers all car rentals as well. I also have a travel credit card that offers car rental insurance. 

Be aware that if you choose not to opt in for the insurance and you don’t have any other insurance then this is highly illegal. You have to be insured and have the vehicle insured with someone before you can drive it. If you are found to have no insurance or something happens while you are driving then you could be looking forward to a hefty fine. 

If the worst was to happen and you are involved in a car accident then the other road user may decide to take you to court over it and claim damages. This could be detrimental without the right help and someone fighting in your corner. This is where you can use the assistance of a car accident lawyer. They will be well versed in handling claims such as yours and will be able to get you out of any sticky situation you find yourself in. 

Earn some rewards

Make sure when you are using your rental car, you are using your debit or credit card that earns you miles and/or rewards. If you don’t have one already, consider getting one before a long vacation when you will need a car rental. Also, use the same type of credit card that earns you rewards when you get gas as well. You might as well get something back!

To save even more money on gas, I use the Upside App. This free app gets you cash back on gas! Use promo code RV2Q2 to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus on your first purchase.

Obey the speed limit

Ok, well, this is no brainer, but while in your rental car obey the speed limits at all times. The last thing you need is a ticket. Not only will you have that fine to pay, but you will possibly have other fees to pay from the rental car company, so slow down!

Use a promo code aka a car rental discount code

Any time you are surfing the net looking for a deal on a car rental, try to find a promo code to enter for extra savings. This way when checking out during the online reservation process you will save some money that way. There are usually promo codes for every major company out there too! The military bank, USAA, offers car rental promo codes for their members and it is always what saves me the most money.

Renting your car through Costco might save you money too. That’s right, Costco has a car rental program! Here are some of the Costco car rental perks:

  • Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward on Costco Travel purchases
  • Shop all coupons and discounts for the best value
  • One additional driver fee waived
  • No cancellation fees
  • No credit card needed to reserve
  • Rentals are offered in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

New in 2021, I’ve learned the company, will be launching a new Chrome extension that allows you to add airport parking with your flight booking on airlines like Delta and United as well as Expedia.  

I hope these car rental tips help secure you a great deal.

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