8 Ways to Pay Less for Disney Gift Cards to Save Money at Disney

8 Ways to Pay Less for Disney Gift Cards to Save Money at Disney

One of the most satisfying parts of any Disney vacation is watching that bill total plummet as you apply a stack of Disney gift cards to the charges. While they work just as good as money, there is some cash to be made and saved off of the conversion. Here are some great ways to reduce the cost of your Disney trip by spending less on Disney gift cards.

8 Ways to Save Money on Disney Gift Cards

1. Wish List

Ask people for gift cards. When people want to know what they should get you for your birthday, or other special occasion, make sure they all know you would like a Disney gift card. This is the best because you pay nothing, and that’s what gift cards are for. Make sure they do not buy you a gift card that is only good for the Disney store.

2. Other Gift Cards

Another way to offset the cost of a Disney gift card is to use a gift card for a store that sells Disney gift cards. This isn’t always possible, depending on the store policy, but it’s not illegal, and some stores are okay with it.

3. Credit Card with Cash Back Rewards

Some store credit cards offer a percentage back on qualifying purchases. The Target REDCard is a known example of a credit card that pays back a 5% of what you spend on Disney gift cards.

You can also save money on Target Gift Cards on discount sites and use them to buy Disney gift cards online while taking advantage of the 5% off you get from REDCard. That maximizes the money you save.

4. Online Auction

Online auctions are great for buying gift cards for less than their monetary value. You may have to be willing to bid kind of close to the dollar amount on the card, but usually you can save close to 10% on a $50 card. Maybe even more.

5. Wholesale Club

Wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco sell discount gift cards. You can get $500 in Disney gift cards for only $474.98. This is a great final step in accumulating gift cards after using the other methods. It does cost less than what you get, but it is not as significant a savings as you can get with smaller purchases.

6. SwagBucks

You can shop online through SwagBucks and earn cash back credit or you can take surveys to earn them. Then you can use the credit to buy Disney gift cards. Sign up for SwagBucks.

7. Ebates

Ebates is a website that will give you a percentage of what you spend back. For example, if you use their site and book a hotel through Travelocity you get 6 – 14% back. They send it back to you through PayPal. Then you can buy Disney gift cards with it.

8. Disney Visa Credit Card

You can use a Disney credit card to build up points that are redeemed with a Disney gift card. I used to do this when we went to Disney every year. There were some years I redeemed almost $500 worth of gift cards which paid for all of our meals at Disney. Keep in mind that there is a $49 annual fee, so make sure you are going to utilize the benefits.

Do you know a clever way to get Disney gift cards for cheap? I would love for you to share it with us in the comments below!

8 Ways to Pay Less for Disney Gift Cards

Looking for even more ways to save money at Disney World? You are in luck, because I know a lot of ways to save!

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