Don’t let your Las Vegas vacation cost you a fortune with these Las Vegas money-saving tips. Here are 12 ways to save money in Las Vegas, including a list of discount sites and freebies. 12 Ways to Save in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas is expensive, especially for a family of five. Anytime we go out we have to pay tourist prices and after a year or two, that really starts to add up. We actively sought out free activities in Vegas all the time. Plus, we visited restaurants where kids eat free in Vegas when we could. 

I constantly look for ways to save money, especially on eating out. Here is what I have found so far in Vegas.  Each of these are things I have done myself. I hope they help you save on your next Las Vegas Vacation.

12 Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas

1. Use EbatesEbates is a website that will give you a percentage of what you spend back. For example, if you use their site and book a hotel through Travelocity you get 6 – 14% back. They send it back to you through PayPal.

2. Groupon’s Daily Deals– With a different deal every day you can save money on lots of things. I got a 1-hour massage for $39.  They also occasionally have family trip deals. Going to Las Vegas? Find the best deals up to 70% off.image 3447064 11659346

3. Restaurant.comimage 3447064 10890588 – Las Vegas has almost 200 restaurants that participate in these restaurant gift certificates. Some of my favorites are Memphis Championship BBQ, Pink Taco, Strip burger, House of Blues, and BB Kings.  This can really help you have an inexpensive family vacation. Just be careful about the ones that automatically add 18% gratuity. Most restaurants in Vegas do this anyway if there are 5 or more in a party.

4. Stick to a budget – Our post Las Vegas On A Budget will help you find all kinds of ways to save. 

5. Make Your Own Meals – If you are staying somewhere that has a kitchen you can make meals instead of spending money eating out. Amazon Fresh will deliver groceries around Las Vegas.

6. EverSave – Mostly savings on products which comes in handy if you plan to do some shopping!

GoCity Las Vegas

7. GoldStar has heavily discounted tickets to shows in Las Vegas. They even offer free admission to some shows and events. We have seen a bunch of Vegas shows using GoldStar.

8. Drink for free – There are lots of places that will let you drink for free or have buy one get one. Here’s a list of where to get free drinks in Las Vegas. Of course, if you are gambling they will bring you free drinks. You just have to tip the waitress. 

9. Free Activities  – There is a ton of free things to do in Las Vegas.

10. Hit Happy HourLas Vegas has an epic happy hour scene. Many restaurants offer happy hour multiple times a day!

11. Get into clubs for free – There’s a way to get into most Vegas clubs for free you just need to know how!

12. Use a Vacation Planner – Now this may sound crazy, but travel agents often have access to deals that no one else can access. This means it’s more than worth it to get a free quote. Fill out this form for a free quote, just for Mommy Travel readers!

Do you know any tips or tricks to save money in Sin City? Please share in the comments below to help others save money too on their own trip to Vegas!

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