Looking for essential oil diffuser recipes? Here are some great options using doTERRA’s premium starter kit oils found in the Home Essentials or AromaTouch Diffused Kits. The recipes are easy and all of the oils are included. Just add the number of drops listed to water in the diffuser of your choice and get started!

Diffuser Recipes Using doTERRA’s Premium Starter Kit Oils

Diffusing with a diffuser uses cold water to disperse the oil into the air. To use a diffuser, put cool tap water into the diffuser up to the fill line and add drops of essential oils. Choose the time setting and let it run. You can also diffuse oil by just adding a few drops of essential oil to your palms and cupping them over your nose while inhaling.

The benefit of using a diffuser for a family is when the oils are dispersed throughout a room or area in your house, anyone using that room or breathing the air benefits. You can also indirectly clean and disinfect a room when you use oils that have antibacterial and antifungal properties (like melaleuca or orange) and who doesn’t want to clean without having to scrub or use harsh chemicals! You can diffuse overnight with calming and protecting oils to give your family extra immune support while they sleep.

Try some of these easy diffuser recipes and explore how essential oils can change your life!

Each of these diffuser recipes are super simple to make. 

Liquid Calm diffuser recipe to combat against stressFeeling overwhelmed?

Nothing feels worse than being overwhelmed and totally stressed out. When you feel stressed out try this Liquid Calm recipe to soothe your body and soul with calming and healing oils.

Liquid Calm

Clean Air diffuser recipe to combat against stuffy air

Stuffy (or stinky) air?

Nobody likes stuffy or stinky air, especially if you are stuck in the house for long periods of time. Try the Clean Air recipe to purify the air and breathe easier.

Clean Air

Focus & Energize diffuser recipe to combat against distraction

Are you distracted?

Try the Focus & Energize recipe and reset your mood.

Focus & Energize

Reflection diffuser recipe to help you look inward

Looking inward?

Use the Reflect recipe to support yourself.

Reflect Recipe

Stomach issues?Tummy Troubles diffuser recipe to help with upset stomach

Give your gut some help with the Tummy Troubles recipe (or add to coconut oil and rub directly on your belly).

Tummy Troubles Recipe

2 drops DigestZen® essential oil digestive blend

2 drops peppermint essential oil

Ick be gone diffuser recipe to help you when you feel sick.Feeling icky?

Help your body fight the crud using the Ick be Gone recipe.

Ick be Gone

Fresh & Clean diffuser recipe to help feel clean.Dirty or dingy?

Give the Fresh & Clean recipe a try.

Fresh & Clean

Pollen Punch diffuser recipe to help you with allergies

Itchy and sneezing?

Try the Pollen Punch to calm your seasonal sniffles.

Pollen Punch

Relax & Refresh diffuser recipe to help you with exhaustionFeeling tired or stressed?

Use the Refresh & Relax recipe to treat your body and mind.

Refresh & Relax

doTERRA scientists have created optimized essential oil blends targeting specific body systems using oils which have therapeutic properties benefiting various systems within the body.

doTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend includes laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, cardamom, ravintsara and ravensara essential oils.

doTERRA DigestZen® Digestive Blend includes anise seed, peppermint plant, ginger rhizome/root, caraway seed, coriander seed, tarragon plant and fennel seed essential oils.

doTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend includes wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary leaf/flower essential oils.

Custom Recipes

If you try a recipe and find that you do not like how it smells or makes you feel, make your own custom blend!

Try swapping citrus oils (wild orange essential oil instead of lemon essential oil) and change up a blend in a subtle but fresh way. Add a drop or two to start and increase slowly as essential oils are very concentrated and potent. You will not increase your benefit by adding 10 drops instead of 2 drops so save your oil (and money)!

When winter cold season arrives, proactively protect your household. Add 2-3 drops (each) of On Guard®, frankincense, Breathe®, lemon, and melaleuca to our diffusers and run overnight to support our family’s immune systems. For a quick fix when traveling and you have a stuffy nose, a drop or two of Breathe® Respiratory blend dropped into the palm of your hands and inhaled is a portable and easy way to feel a little better when you are away from home.

Your choice

Using essential oils can change your lifestyle by giving you the choice to customize for your own needs. Diffusing is an easy way to start for beginners because you can use a small amount of essential oils diluted in water and get a feel for how you like the smell and possible benefits that they provide. The choice of oil selection is literally in your hands!

If you would like to purchase a kit that has a valuable assortment of essential oils for your home and health, the doTERRA Home Essentials kit includes a Petal diffuser and 15 mL essential oil bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard® and Deep Blue® (5 mL). Another option is the AromaTouch Kit which includes 5 mL bottles of doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, doTERRA On Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint as well as additional products Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), a Petal diffuser and the doTERRA Essentials Booklet.

If you are not ready for a kit and want to start with a few oils, try a small Introductory Kit with lemon, lavender and peppermint. These three oils are powerful separately and can be used in combination for many purposes as well (see Pollen Punch recipe above).

Regardless of which essential oils you or your family decide to try, explore the scents and wonderful combinations that are available for your enjoyment!