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Sleepy Hollow – The Best Lunch in the Magic Kingdom 

By |2017-05-13T20:46:04-07:00May 14th, 2017|Disney, Disney World, Magic Kingdom|

Sleepy Hollow located in Liberty Square offers some of the best food at the Magic Kingdom.  Sleepy Hollow In my opinion Sleepy Hollow is the best place for lunch in the Magic Kingdom. Overall, I have never been that impressed with

Disney World’s Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom

By |2020-02-08T18:20:24-08:00June 2nd, 2013|Disney, Disney World, Theme Park|

Update: The Electrical Parade is no longer appearing at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World it is now Disneyland. I am unsure how long it will be at Disneyland. Electrical Parade Nightly at the Magic Kingdom The magic Kingdom has

1st Haircut at the Magic Kingdom: 6 Tips to make the long line less painful

By |2019-11-24T14:38:08-08:00November 16th, 2010|Disney, Disney World|

While we were at Disney World we took Jonah to the Magic Kingdom for his 1st haircut! He did really good, it was only $14, and he received Mickey ears and a certificate!  Here are a few tips in case you are thinking

The Ultimate 1-Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary

By |2019-11-05T08:04:32-08:00May 28th, 2019|Disney, Disney World, Travel Itinerary|

Animal Kingdom has become a favorite park for my family. However, many people view it as nothing more than a glorified zoo. Because of this, Animal Kingdom is often the park that gets the cut in the Disney plans. Animal