Did you know that your child can get a mermaid makeover at Disney World? Find out everything you need to know about getting a Disney mermaid makeover!

Disney Mermaid Makeover at Magic KingdomOn our last trip to Disney World, I knew I wanted to get my daughter a special Disney mermaid makeover! It is such a fun way to add a little more fun to a Disney trip.

Almost everyone has heard of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but have you heard of The Pirate’s League? The Pirates League offers up pirate and mermaid makeovers for your little barnacle and is located in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride!

As soon as I heard about The Pirate’s League, I just knew my daughter would love to transform into a mermaid for the day. Let’s be real – I knew that I’d love it, too. They do quite a few different makeovers here including pirates, Ursula, and mermaids. 

Mermaid Makeover Deluxe Package

They had several different pirate packages and two mermaid packages to suit any budget. We went with the Mermaid Deluxe Package for $84.95 which includes:

  • Mermaid Hair Style with a color-changing clip
  • Mermaid Makeup application and palette
  • Nail polish application
  • Mermaid Sash
  • Mermaid costume
  • Distinctive mermaid necklace
  • Mermaid bracelet

The other package was almost half the price and includes everything except for the costume.

The Mermaid Package for $44.95

  • Luminous mermaid makeup and makeup palette and nail polish
  • Mermaid hairstyle and color-changing hair clip
  • Distinctive mermaid necklace
  • Mermaid sash
  • Mermaid bracelet

To save money I would recommend purchasing a fun mermaid costume or a pirate costume ahead of time and getting the less expensive package. The Pirate packages are equally as cool… they even get to choose their own pirate name.

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A Magical Mermaid Makeover At Disney WorldThe Mermaid Makeover Transformation

First up- Mermaid Nails!

Next- Hair and Makeup! The makeup artists even add really cool scales around her eyes!A Magical Mermaid Makeover At Disney World

Now it’s time to complete the look with a special mermaid outfit and sash!A Magical Mermaid Makeover At Disney World

Last, but not least, the mermaids and pirates get to go into a secret room to search for treasure!!! My little mermaid found a bracelet and necklace!

Check out the before and after!A Magical Mermaid Makeover At Disney World

Final Thoughts

My daughter loved the makeover! The makeup artists and staff were so professional and great with her. After the makeover, which we did first thing in the morning, the characters we met and the staff all gave her special attention and made sure to comment on her awesome mermaid makeup or outfit! I also loved that we got to take the makeup pallet and nail polish home so I could (attempt to) recreate the look at home for fun.


Can an adult get a mermaid makeover?

Yes, adults can get a mermaid makeover. Mermaid Makeovers are available for anyone age 3 and older and unlike the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique guests over the age of 12 can also get a makeover. 

There are no appointments available. What should I do?

Keep checking especially during the month leading up to your trip. Many people end up canceling and you’ll be able to grab one of those appointments. 

Have your child transformed into a mermaid at the Pirates League in the Magic Kingdom with a Mermaid Makeover!

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