A Reliable Wife is a best seller that’s been around awhile now, but I only read it recently. I was chosen as a World Book night host and they sent me twenty copies. I decided to start a book club and we all read the book. I would be lying if I said my friends liked the book, but a few did! One of the gals in our group mentioned she saw a movie a while back that was the same storyline as this book. So, of course, I checked into it. My friend was spot on. This book came out ten years after the movie Original Sin starring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I read the book could be ripping off their movie.

I didn’t like or not like the book. It’s interesting to read and well written. I always enjoy historical fiction. I learned some new things about that time period in America. I hated most of the characters. Usually, you can pick at least one character you want to succeed, but not in this book. I would try to summarize the book, but it’s just to complicated. One thing is for sure, you will never guess the ending!