Acadia New Orleans Bistro restaurant was such a pleasant surprise. It’s a delicious New Orleans Cajun food restaurant on Fremont Street.Acadia New Orleans Bistro

Acadia New Orleans Bistro

During Portland’s dining month we decided to try some new restaurants and Acadia was the 1st one we tried. They offered a 3 course meal for $30 and because it was Monday night they also offered a 3 course meal for $20. Monday’s are definitely the most affordable night to eat there.
Everything we ate here was outstanding. This is hands down the best meal we’ve eaten in Portland so far! In the photo above is the following dishes: 
  • Fried Soft Shell Crab and Crawfish Etouffee with popcorn rice and jalapeño tartar sauce $26
  • Rhubarb salad with fresh strawberries, spice toasted oats, Portland Creamery goat cheese and tarragon – mint vinaigrette with arugula and chicories $10
  • Gulf Shrimp, Blue Crab and Crawfish Gumbo with house andouille sausage and white rice $9 
  • Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding With salted caramel sauce, whipped cream and toasted pecans $6
AcadiaAcadia a New Orleans Bistro continues to be my favorite restaurant in Portland. The food is is just so good. It seems like no matter what I order it’s always excellent. Keep in mind that they are closed on Sundays! I stress this point because we have gone two times one Sundays only to be reminded.

Featured in the collage above is: Fried Louisiana Soft Shell Blue Crab, Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp, Chicken-Fried Chicken Skins, and unfortunately I do not remember what the cocktail was. All their cocktails here are fabulous in my opinion. I really love their Hurricanes.


Crawfish Boil with a Collard Greens Salad

IMG_3297 IMG_3298

Their version of a radichio salad is one of my favorite items here. Unfortunately, the menu changes constantly and this was not available the last couple of time I dined here. They also always have some sort of pork option. IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3304

The last time I had the bread pudding here it was their Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding which was to die for. They always offer sometime of bread pudding on their menu. IMG_3305

This mess of a cake pictured above is their Tropic Thunder: Banana cake with maraschino drizzle, coconut frosting, passion fruit cheesecake, and Golden Graham macadamia crust. This is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I hope they bring it back this spring. The last time I ate here I actually pulled out my phone and showed them the picture to see if by chance they had it. 

Lunch on Wednesdays

Acadia only opens one day a week for lunch on Wednesdays. These next photos are all from the lunch menu. Their lunch is just as good as their dinner is. Be warned that their Hurricanes are just as strong during the day as they are in the evening!P1030006P1030007P1030008

If you find your self unsure what to get I suggest you go with the entree that gives you a cup of jambalaya, a cup of red beans and rice, and a cup of gumbo. It’s a great way to try several things without having to spend much. P1030009

The last time I had lunch here I ordered the special which was this steak sandwich. I’ll never understand how they can make a sandwich turn into one of the best things you have ever eaten. P1030010P1030011Our most recent visit to Acadia was to celebrate Noah’s high school graduation. They can accommodate large groups. I believe we had 14 people there. 

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