Achieving balance during a military move is always the impossible task. You’ve just spent days (more like months) planning, packing, cleaning, loading, out processing, collecting medical records, school records, and about a million other things. Once you’ve actually pulled out of the driveway and onto the road you are already beyond exhausted and have days of driving ahead of you.

When we moved 3,000 miles with 3 kids from Portland, Oregon to Panama City, Florida we had 9 days. I drove my mini van, my husband drove our Explorer and towed his 1968 Camaro, and my dad drove the biggest U-haul we could get and towed the largest trailer we could get.

Residence Inn by Marriott - It's not a room, it's a residence!The military move was already off to a bad start when we ran out of room in the U-haul and had to get a trailer the next morning, but I knew we had a nice hotel to look forward to as we headed toward Boise. We were staying the night at the Boise Residence Inn near the mall. We had stayed there the previous year on vacation, so I knew it was nice and the perfect place to stay during a military move.

lasri phototour23
2 bedroom suite

Like all Residence Inns it has

  • pool
  • hot tub
  • evening meals during the weekdays
  • hot buffet breakfast
  • free grocery shopping
  • fitness room
  • tennis court
  • basketball court
  • kitchen in your room

Even better is the room layout, always a suite. The 2 bedroom allowed us to sleep in one room, my dad in another room, and the kids in the living room. Ensuring that us drivers got a good nights sleep.

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I got to the hotel hours before my husband and dad arrived. Instead of having to take the kids to eat when I’m tired by myself, we just relaxed at our hotel. We checked in and went to the complimentary evening meal, which included beer and wine. Afterwards I took the kids swimming. Swimming is the perfect way to burn off all the energy they had after sitting in a car for 6 hours and the hot tub was the perfect way for me to recuperate.

lasri phototour06
Residence Inn Las Vegas South Swimming Pool

The next morning we had a great breakfast and took the kids swimming again to burn off energy before another long car ride. We then headed out towards our next stop the Las Vegas Residence Inn. That’s right we drove from one Residence Inn to another the entire trip, because they are always nice with the amenities we need. They also offer military rates.

Residence Inn has a new Family Travel Talk Forum on Facebook. It’s a place where moms and dads can discuss family travel, finding balance and making memories. Here you can get advice on how to get the most out of your family vacation and tips for road trips with kids. It’s a great resource for military families when they are planning a military move.