The reality for most families is the start of this school year has been more stressful than ever. Your kids are going to need some sort of outlet after staring at a computer screen all day so we’ve put together a list of ways you can help you kid blow off steam. 

Sure your kid could meditate, read a book, or do yoga, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about getting physically active and full-on burning off their frustration.

After watching my kids sit at the computer 4 days in a row from 8 am until late into the night I knew they could use a little something to get out their frustration and do something that has nothing to do with a computer. So, off we went to a rage room. We had so much fun break stuff it inspired an entire conversation about what we would do next to blow off some steam. Here are the 14 things we came up with for destressing and getting out that pent-up frustration. 

14 Activities to Help Kids Blow off Steam

1. Rage Room

Rage Room

Smash n Bash Rage Room in Fort Worth

Have you ever felt like raging out? A rage room is a space where you can break a bunch of stuff. To find a rage room near you google “rage room near me”. When you get there select the package that lets your kids break at least 7 things each. Many rage rooms let you bring your own stuff to break. I definitely recommend taking those old vases you will never use again with you to smash. 

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2. Splatter Painting

Splatter Painting

Splatter Painting at Smash n Bash in Fort Worth

Take your kids to a splatter painting session. They can each get their own canvas or create one piece of art together. They can throw painted at their canvas or even at the walls. You are up physically moving around slinging paint, plus you are trying to decide how your art should look. 



3. Shoot Guns

Shooting guns at Silvies

Shooting guns at Silvies Valley Ranch

Head to the gun range and let your kids shoot guns. They burn off stress by focusing on the target over and over. 

4. Laser Tag

Laser tag on the Norwegian Bliss

Laser tag on the Norwegian Bliss

Nothing burns stress off more than running around trying not to be shot and stay in the game. 

5. Paintball


Eden during paintball at Miracle Ranch

Find a place that offers paintball and run around shooting paintballs at each other. 

6. Hit Golf BallsDriving range - hitting golf balls

Head to the driving range to hit golf balls. Hitting a bucket of balls is a fairly cheap activity and kids can take out some of their frustration on the ball. 

7. Rock ClimbingRock climbing in a silo in Carrollton, Texas

Rock climbing is extremely challenging. You have to concentrate on what you are doing and it’s extremely physical. 

8. Virtual Reality Games

VR Junkies

Playing virtual reality games in Utah at VR Junkies

Find a place that offers virtual reality games, preferably a place where at least four people can play at the same time. Y’all can yell at each other while you play and because it’s virtual reality you will be moving a lot. Consider playing a game where you have to swing a sword or something like that. The more active the better. 

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9. Go on an Intense Hike

Pick out a hike that will push your child. Steeper hikes can do this or hikes that have rocks you have to climb over. One of the most intense hikes we’ve done had us climbing over stuff and wading through a lot of water. 

10. Off-Roading

Off roading at Selvatica

Off-roading at Selvatica

If your kids are old enough take them off-roading. A challenging trail is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and rid yourself of stress. If you do not have access to an ATV you can find one to rent near you from Polaris Adventures

11. Ropes Course

12. Mountain Bikingmountain-biking

Another great thing that takes your mental concentration and physical effort to do. You will quickly destress over whatever it is that is bothering you will focusing instead on the trail ahead. 

13. Dirt Bikingdirt biking

Tearing up some dirt is a great way to release stress. 

14. Exercise TogetherRun a 5K

Help your kids blow off some steam by exercising together as a family. Considering most gyms are closed you will need to get creative.

  • Jump on the Trampoline together and take turns showing off your best tricks.
  • Go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood.
  • Take your children roller skating.
  • Head to a nearby field and play soccer and kick the ball around.
  • Run a 5K together. Even though most events are canceled due to Covid, there are still some virtual 5Ks you can participate in. 

Depending on what you decide to do, be sure to put knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets on your kids in case they fall.

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What’s your go-to way to blow off steam and physically destress?


14 Activities to help kids blow off steam 14 Physical Activities to help kids blow off steam and destress