My oldest son started high school this year which is crazy to me, but good for him because he has been able to take classes that hold more interest for him than others. One of the classes he is taking is a computer class where they use Adobe Photoshop and learn how to make better photos and graphics. Until this class, none of us had used Adobe Photoshop. Well, it didn’t take long before he was asking me to buy him the program so he could use it at home for his YouTube gaming channel, ShamBam. Lucky for him Best Buy offered me the chance to try out Adobe PhotoShop Elements + Premiere Elements around this same exact time!

My son was so happy I got Adobe for him that he was willing to do a tutorial for me. 

Adobe PhotoShop Elements + Premiere Elements

  •  “Capture the moment now. Perfect the photo or video later. It’s easy with Elements.”
  • The Elements lineup is all about simplicity and sharing with both your photos & videos ($149.99 reg. retail). Now available at Best Buy
  • Best for the casual picture taker or those just getting started who want an easy way to organize, edit, and share their photos and videos.
    • Transform your photos & videos- Make quick edits, add artistic touches and cool effects like a pro or transform your photos and videos to wow friends and family.
      • Remove the camera shake from your selfies or clear the haze from landscape shots with the touch of a button.
      • Don’t trust your own artistic eye? Let new Guided Edits take you through the process to create the ultimate photos and videos.
    • Create and Share- Share lasting memories in scrapbooks and cards that show your style. Share photos and movies via disc or on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more. View them on 4K and HD TVs (new with Elements 14). And put a cool twist on your Facebook page with a custom cover photo.*
      • Edit and view high-res 4K movies for the ultimate cinematic experience, and make a splash by easily adding animated titles and transitions.
    • Find & Organize your stuff fast – Every memory at your fingertips. Quickly find and organize photos and videos by favorite people, or simply search by where you were or what you were doing.


So far I’ve been using Elements to help me make quick graphics. Like this one, I did for our gift guide for boys. I find it much faster to use Adobe Elements for these types of graphics than some of the other programs I’ve been using. Instead of having to download and save a picture of each item I wanted to add to the graphic, I could just search in google images for what I wanted and then drag and drop it onto a blank space. It was so fast and easy. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first try!gifts for boys

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