While we were in Honduras we ended up doing some of the wildest stuff. Like our visit to Aguas Termales. I wish I had better pictures, but I didn’t have a waterproof camera with me at the time. Instead, I took these in the pouring rain with my cell phone so needless to say the pictures aren’t great. 

Aguas Termales

While in Copan, Honduras with kids we went to the Agua Termalas.  Otherwise known as hot springs.  I was not looking forward to going, because it was more expensive than some of the other activities and I know what I think of when I hear hot springs.  It was $100 for our family of five.  This included transportation, entry fees, a private cabana, and a bbq dinner.  It was by far worth every dime to go.  This entire excursion was awesome.
Aguas Termales Copan Honduras Hot springs
After driving about an hour from Copan we arrived at the hot springs and were guided to a private area.  To get there we had to cross a hanging wooden bridge.  It was raining and the wood was slick, plus it looks to be 100 years old!  This picture does not do justice to how scary it was.  Once we crossed the bridge we went through a cave.
Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springs
And because that is not a dramatic enough entry we then had to cross over water on these stones.
Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springs
You could walk through the forest to one hot spring after another.  Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springs
This is the hot spring next to our cabana.  Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springs

Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springs
Private cabana

Here you can see where one of the hot springs has a waterfall that flows into another pool and then another. 
Aguas Termales Copan Honduras hot springsHere is our bbq chef preparing our feast on this random outdoor grill at a public park.  Now, does this look like something we should eat?  The food was delicious until the next day!  We should have stuck to restaurants!  Remember that bus ride from hell I mentioned we took to get to Copan.  Well, there were no miracles happening on the way back.  Our oldest threw up on the bus.  Oh well!

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Like all the activities we did in Copan, this one too was arranged by Mr. Banana. Just ask your hotel and they will get him to meet with you and plan your activities.