Alexander the Great Beach Hotel is an affordable, family-friendly hotel in Halkidiki situated right on a Blue Flag beach with half board options. With its wonderful beach and beautiful property, Alexander the Great is a wonderful vacation spot in northern Greece.

Beach at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

The beach in front of Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel is a family-friendly hotel in Halkidiki situated right on a Blue Flag beach. Our family was hosted here this past June, and we had the best time.

After staying here, it’s easy to see why the same families return to this hotel year after year from all over the world. While we were there, so was an American family that visits every summer. This summer they were there to baptize their children, and the baptism the hotel threw was unlike anything I have ever seen. The hotel staff at Alexander the Great treats you like family.

To get here, you have to fly into Thessaloniki and drive about an hour and a half south of the first peninsula of Kassandra.

Lots of Room OptionsFamily room at Alexander the Great Beach hotel

The hotel is huge and offers a lot of different types of rooms. We stayed in connecting rooms, both of which looked as pictured above. Both rooms had a patio overlooking the property and a bit of the water. Many of the rooms have a beach view, but we were in the building farthest from the beach, so even though we couldn’t see the beach, we could still see the water. You do not need two rooms here to accommodate a family. They have plenty of rooms that sleep four or more people.

Along with various room layouts, they offer other options like a half board. We had half board which means that we had a daily breakfast buffet and a daily dinner buffet. As a single mom that rarely gets a break, having half board was so, so nice! Sometimes a vacation can just be not having to cook!

Breakfast Buffet

Every day there is a breakfast buffet and all room rates include breakfast. It’s a fairly large buffet, increasing the odds that even the pickiest eaters in your family will find something they like. Sadly, there is no bacon. I never realized that we were all addicted to bacon, but after some time in Greece, I am keenly aware. There were cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, eggs, pastries, Greek breakfast items I couldn’t identify, sweets, and more.

Greek Night

Greek night at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Greek Night at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Once a week, Alexander the Great Beach Hotel hosts a Greek night at their Taverna Antonis. All the food on the buffet is Greek, and after dinner is finished, there is Greek dancing. They dance all different types of dances representing various areas of Greece. In Greece, the dancing varies from region to region. They allow audience participation so you too can learn a little bit of Greek dancing. Noah and Jonah refused to dance. In fact, at the first mention of dancing, they seemed to have magically disappeared. This was a shame because Eden and I stayed and danced, and it was one of the highlights of our trip! Greek dancing at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Family Friendly AmenitiesFamily activities at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

This hotel is well set up to keep a family highly entertained. They have a large swimming pool with a bar, a nice size playground, and a room with ping-pong and pool tables. Pool at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Halkidiki

Wine ClassWIne Class at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

A few times a month, they offer a wine tasting class. How fun is that? I got a chance to learn all about Greek wines. The wine tasting I attended was led by Ernesto, an international wine expert who is also a winemaker. During the class, I got to try 4 white wines and 2 red wines.  Ernesto walks all the guests through how to taste, smell, and enjoy the wines. I am a wine drinker, so I might be biased, but I thought the wine was good. The cheese however was incredible! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I love Greek cheese!

Gorgeous Beach

Alexander the Great Beach

Stairs descending down to Alexander the Great Beach

Hands down, the reason to stay here is the spectacular beach. We spent as much time as we could down at the beach. The water is turquoise, which shows up in the pictures, but is even more beautiful in person. I think you can also tell from the pictures that it is fairly shallow quite a way out, which is always nice for families traveling with younger children.

There is a little cabana type structure down at the beach where you can get a massage. The massage was so fantastic that I ended up getting another one the next day!

Alexander the Great Beach in Halkidiki Greece



Agora Beach Bar

Agora Beach Bar at Alexander the Great Hotel Halkidiki

Next door along the same stretch of beach is the Agora Beach Bar. This is an awesome place to hang out. It’s so well run, I never would have guessed it just opened in May for the season. It’s owned by Pap Corporation, the same company that owns the Alexander the Great Beach Hotel next door, so you know you are going to get good service and high quality.Agora Beach Bar in Halkidiki

We went here for lunch and ended up staying all day. I loved the overall vibe and look. This is exactly the kind of Greece experience I like.

Food at Agora Beach Bar HalkidikiThe lunch was outstanding. If you dine in the upstairs part of the bar, the menu is bigger and, in my opinion, better than the one downstairs. We tried 5 lunch items and every item was delicious.  Oddly enough, this was the only time we had hummus in Greece and they do not serve it with bread. Beach at Alexander the Great Hotel Halkidiki

You can rent beach chairs and an umbrella for the day. There is no shade on the beach, so you will definitely need to rent an umbrella or bring one with you.Paddleboarding at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Another thing you can rent here are paddleboards. The water is extremely calm, making it an ideal area for paddleboarding. They are the type of paddleboards that are inflatable. Do not let this deter you from trying, just know that they are slightly more difficult to balance. And remember, if you are uncomfortable standing up, just stay seated and paddle around. No one will care.

Agora Beach Bar Halkidiki Greece

The skies over this area are unbelievable during sunset, so we enjoyed walking on the beach as the evening came and taking pictures. You do not get a full-on sunset, but it does turn the sky into a wonderful array of pink, blue, and purple over the gorgeous water. Sunset at Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Wedding Party ShowAbba show at Agora Beach Bar

As I mentioned, the day we visited I found out they were having some sort of Mamma Mia spoof show. The space is kind of small, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The show is upstairs, and it’s simple, yet totally fun. They get the audience more involved as it progresses, and by the end, everyone is up on their feet dancing and having a blast. It was a whole dance party with loud music and all sorts of silly props for us to flaunt. All three of my kids danced, and considering two of them are teens, this is kind of a big deal to me. Anytime you see your teens not be self-conscious to the point they will get up and dance with the family, that is a successful night.

Here’s a look at our complete experience at Agora Beach Bar.

Things to do in Kassandra

If you decide to venture out instead of sticking to the hotel the whole time, there are lots of fun things to do around the area.

Day SailingDay Sailing in Kassandra Greece

Families can head out for a day sailing excursion from 10:00 A.M. from Nea Fokea to Athitos for around $68 per person. Along the way, there are stops for swimming, snorkeling, drinks, and lunch. Sailing around on the beautiful turquoise waters of Greece was a lovely way to spend the say. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the water truly is beautiful to behold. Although I found the snorkeling to be less than stellar, the kids had a lot of fun swimming. While we swam and searched for fish, the captain made a mountain of sandwiches for lunch that my kids especially enjoyed.

Drive around Kassandra

Skioni Fisherman Village

Skioni Fisherman Village

The towns sprinkled throughout Kassandra are fun to go check out including Kriopigi Village, Paliouri Village, Possidi Beach, and Skioni Fisherman Village. It doesn’t take very long to check everything out, Kassandra is quite small.

Here’s a bit of our vlog from when we drove around Kassandra.

Visit the Hot Springs

They have a thermal spa facility, Loutra, that many people refer to as hot springs. This can be confusing depending on where you are from. Living here in Oregon when we go to a hot spring we venture out into the woods and find a hot spring out in the wilderness along a river. Here there is a large facility with swimming pools holding the thermal water. The cost is around $10 per person.

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