Young children love games. Playing tricks and games on a family member is fun. April Fool’s day is the perfect time for a child to indulge in a few harmless games. Traditionally April Fool’s day games and tricks should be played before midday. Keep the games simple so that even the youngest of children can join in the fun. Here’s a list of fun April Fools Day Games For Kids. 

April Fools Day Games for Kids

April Fool’s day is meant for fun and games. Children love to plan to surprise their parents.

Empty Boiled Egg

April Fool’s breakfast games can work well. One of the most popular April Fool’s games known to man is the `empty boiled egg`. On the eve of April Fool’s day boil an egg. When the egg is hard-boiled let your child help you to knock the top of the egg off and scoop out the inside. Small children delight in simple games. The empty boiled eggshell can be placed upside down in Dad’s egg cup. There is every chance that Dad will catch on to the fact that his egg is just an empty shell, but he will be willing to play along with the children’s fun and games. Silly games can make young children `itch` with excitement. As Dad knocks the top off his empty boiled egg the kitchen will be filled with children’s laughter!

Toy Pranks

Tricks and games can be purchased from toy shops. If Dad loves a rasher of bacon for breakfast then buy a slice of rubber bacon for him to enjoy with his fried egg. Families who enjoy April Fool’s day fun and games will have endless jokes to choose from if they pay a visit to the toy store. The`whoopee cushion` has always been a firm favorite. Slip the `whoopee cushion` underneath Dad as he sits down to enjoy his breakfast. When the `whoopee cushion` vibrates there will be much laughter. In fact, there will be fun and games all around.

Another of the popular games is the `bent nail` that slips over the child’s finger. The nail looks like it has pierced the small finger and a tatty bandage that is covered in fake blood disguises the bent nail. Games encourage children to act out their part well. The child pretends to sob because the `nail` has gone through their finger. The parents show their concern and as the bandage is whipped away to reveal a finger that is intact the joke is enjoyed by all.

Children love games and they learn a lot from them. April Fool’s day games are the icing on the cake.