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Becky enjoys exploring the world while creating adventures and memories with her family as we hike through cities and forests, climb boulders or mountains and splash in pools, fountains and lakes. They enjoy sampling flavorful local cuisine, finding the closest bookstore and searching for interesting artwork. Becky enjoys learning and sharing ideas that make things easier or healthier, especially when they use my favorite essential oils or whole foods. Her two curious and creative daughters inspire her to see things differently and it is fun to explore new places together. Becky is an Oregon expert.
16 10, 2021

6 Healthy Travel Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

2024-04-01T13:44:46-05:00By |Categories: Travel Tips, Health and Wellness, travel essentials|Tags: , |Comments Off on 6 Healthy Travel Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

Earlier this summer, when it seemed like we were finally starting to put the pandemic behind us, families all over the country began to book their big 2021 vacations. And then those plans were threatened by the arrival of the

8 04, 2020

5 Family Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii

2024-06-29T16:57:35-05:00By |Categories: Maui, Hawaii|Tags: , , |Comments Off on 5 Family Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a dreamy destination for families, couples and single travelers. Just a month before the world completely changed and everyone started using “social distancing” in common conversation, our family enjoyed the tropical beauty and island vibes on the Hawaiian

31 05, 2019

How to Pack & Plan for Travel by Human Design

2022-08-05T03:50:58-05:00By |Categories: Health and Wellness, Travel Tips|Tags: |1 Comment

6 Tips for healthy travel for each Human Design Type There are five Human Design Types and each Type uses their energy differently in their daily lives and when they travel. When you travel as a family, each family member

6 11, 2018

23 Reasons Families Love Salishan Resort

2022-11-03T17:42:52-05:00By |Categories: Oregon, Hotel Review|Tags: , , |1 Comment

The Salishan Resort offers a variety of luxurious amenities at a graciously welcoming resort with delicious local foods and tasty drinks and an amazing spa as well relaxing and active options for those who want to enjoy the outdoor experience. 

2 11, 2017

Top 8 Essential Oils for Travel

2020-04-05T14:19:04-05:00By |Categories: Travel Tips, Health and Wellness|Tags: |Comments Off on Top 8 Essential Oils for Travel

When you are traveling there are certain essential oils that will be incredibly helpful for you. Here are the top 8 essential oils for travel. As a former essential oil cynic, I now cannot leave for the airport without making

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