I can’t think of any place better to get Baby’s 1st  Haircut than Disney World.

Getting our son’s first hair cut at the barber shop in Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom was awesome.  Even though we had to stand in line for a long time it was worth it.  (Tips for the line)
To keep the kids from moving all over the place they stick stickers all over the smock and their clothes.  The kids focus on moving around or taking off the stickers.

She spent a fair amount of time with us and did not rush us at all.
1st hair cut at Disney World

1st hair cut at Magic Kingdom

baby's 1st haircut at Disney World When they were done they gave him little Mickey ears to wear. On the back of the Mickey ears it says 1st Haircut.  They also gave him a keepsake certificate and wrapped his hair up for me to keep.  All of this for only $14!


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