Are you throwing a bachelorette party and need some party favor ideas. Here are great bachelorette party favors that anyone would love!

Bachelorette party favors - personalized wine glasses

A few days ago I mentioned that I went to Las Vegas for my baby sister’s bachelorette party. Since I am her only sister and maid of honor, I put the event together. I wanted to make the weekend fun, but extra special.

I had seen different ideas on Pinterest and ended up doing something similar to things I had seen. I just loved the way everything turned out and wanted to share them with you. I think everyone left feeling like it was a perfect bachelorette party. 

Bachelorette Party Favors

Each person attending the Vegas bachelorette weekend received a personalized wine glass. I had these glasses made up. (Holly at AllMyGoodness did them!) All the girls loved them.

Bachelorette party favors - personalized wine glasses

DIY Vegas Survival Kits

Bachelorette party favors - survival kits

I also made up these survival kits for the party. I have a lot of ideas for building survival kits this post. 

2 drink mixes
1 mini bottle of liquor

1 mini bottle of bubbly
2 bandaids (for your feet after dancing the night away in heels)
1 granola bar
2 Tylenol
Shout on the go wipes (Nobody wants to go with a stain on their dress)
2 sticks of gum
1 nail file

Last but not least I gave everyone a copy of A Reliable Wife, because you have to have a book to read at the pool or at the beach! Also, because it’s an ironic story. She’s not a very good wife.

Bachelorette Party favors

Other Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Bachelorette Party Gifts - sun hats

Bachelorette party favors - drink sleeves

Bride to Be Sash

Now it’s important to make sure the bride-to-be stands out from the crowd. You can buy a bachelorette party veil and sash on Etsy or you can make a unique set. For my best friend’s bachelorette party I made some unique ones for her. She wore them during our night out on the town.
Bachelorette Party bridal sash and veil

How to Make a Custom Sash

  1. Get approximately 2 yards (1.8 m) of a 3 inches (7.6 cm) fabric. Measure the fabric on the someone by wrapping it from their hip to their opposite shoulder and back down to their hip. Consider a thicker, matte type of fabric to ensure that the iron-on letters will adhere to the ribbon.
  2. Choose the trim. Accent your sash with some fringe or lace. Make sure to get enough to cover the entire edge of the sash.
  3. Select iron-on letters. Choose iron-on letters in the style and color of your choice. Make sure that the letters are the iron-on type and that they will fit onto the sash you have chosen.
  4. Pin the trim to the fabric. To accent your sash, pin the trim to one edge of the fabric or to both edges if desired. Make sure that the edges of the ribbon and trim are overlapping by at least 0.5 inches (1.3 cm). Place a pin through the ribbon and trim every 2 inches (5.1 cm) to 3 inches (7.6 cm) to secure them.
  5. Sew the trim in place. Use your sewing machine to sew a straight stitch about 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) from the edge of the trim to secure it to the ribbon. Make sure that you sew through the fabric and the trim.
  6. Position the letters on the fabric. Fold the fabric in half so that the two ends are matched up, and lay the fabric on a flat surface. Then, begin placing the letters so that they are centered on the fabric. Start and finish placing the letters about 3 inches (7.6 cm) to 6 inches (150 mm) from the fold and the end of the section. Space letters out as evenly as possible.
  7. Iron the letters in place. Follow the instructions for the iron-on letters to iron them onto the Fabric. You may need to cover the letters with a towel to protect them from the heat. Follow the instructions that come with the letters.
  8. Pin the ends of the sash together. Before you secure the ends of the sash, try it on. Position the sash how you want to wear it and adjust the ends so that they meet near your hip. The ends should be overlapping at a slight angle. When you are happy with the fit, place a pin through the 2 ends to secure them.
  9. Sew across the sash ends. Remove the sash with the pin still in place. Then, use your sewing machine to sew a straight stitch across the two ends. Sew just below where you pinned the ends together. Remove the pin after you finish sewing.
  10. Cut off the excess material. After you finish sewing the ends together, cut along the edge of the seam, about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) from the stitches you just sewed. Then, discard the excess fabric and your sash is ready to wear.

Lucky for me, I have a friend that can sew and she knocked this out in no time.

Bachelorette Party bride sash and veil

Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

Mix matched shirts can be a super fun for the party. Everyone in the bride tribe should get one. There are so many cute ideas on Etsy. You can customize them based on personality or destination. There are lots with team bride or bride squad. Here are a few I thought were super cute. bachelorette party shirts

tshirts for bachelorette party

Tanks would be great for going to a day club pool party or the beach.

bachelorette tanks

And of course, you need a bag to give them all this cool stuff inside so it might as well be a personalized bag. 

Bachelorette party favors - tote bags

Las Vegas Vacation Guide

Have you thrown an epic bachelorette party? We would love to hear about it and your ideas!