Whether you’re sick, can’t afford to do much, or maybe just feeling anti-social – here are some great ways to combat feelings of cabin fever and isolation. Best boredome at home.

Virtual Museums

There are twelve museums now offering free virtual tours, from all over the world! As a remote worker with the perpetual urge to move on to the next place, many of my travel plans have been put on hold. Actually, the day I was supposed to go check out museums here in Sibiu, I came across this sign and learned that all museums in the city were shut down. But, I’ll be able to get my museum fix, and you will too, by checking out their free virtual tours.


Head over to Udemy and learn something new! Udemy is a e-course platform with thousands of courses to choose from – everything from cell phone photography to emotional intelligence. Learn how to become a virtual assistant, or learn Python and become a web developer. The possibilities are endless. Classes start at just $10.99, up to about $299.99.

Are you an expert at something? Have something worth offering? CREATE A COURSE! I created a Pinterest course. **Enroll in the Boost Your Business with Pinterest course.** 

Yoga Glo / StretchItApp

Help combat the combination of both physical and mental stagnation with YogaGlo. I generally don’t like online or recorded yoga classes, but YogaGlo has been a life-saver, especially in areas where in-studio classes are sparse (lookin’ at you, Sibiu). It’s $18 per month and has some of my favorite master teachers offering a multitude of styles, lengths, levels, etc. My favorite teachers to practice with on this platform are Jason Crandell and Dice Ida Klein. You’ll also find Sean Corne, Kathryn Budig, MC Yogi, Felicia Tomasko, and countless more.

StretchItApp is what I use for a more targeted practice. It’s only $5 a month per area you’d like to improve – I am currently working on my middle splits, for example. They offer splits, middle splits, back-bends, full-body, etc.

Woman doing stag handstand in a purple room with profile view.

Start a diary

Why not document your experience? Ann Frank didn’t realize the impact her book would make. While things may seem unremarkable to you now, you never know the direction things in which things will go.

Free Ivy League Courses

If you know me personally, you know I’m forever a student. Not in the traditional sense (not anymore, thankfully!), but I am so easily fascinated by things and I love to learn. There are some courses offered by the ivies that are FREE to learn online! Yes, free. Here are 450 of them, that you can take for free, right now.

Get certified to teach English as a foreign language

Want to have an extra skill in your back pocket, should you need to, I don’t know, leave the country? Get your TEFL certification! You can find classes on Groupon for extremely reasonable prices! I got a 160-hour certification from TEFL Full Circle.


Let’s face it – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast amounts of information (and misinformation) that’s being thrown at us now. Take some quiet time to yourself and sit outside (remember to keep your 2 meters distance!) or turn off the TV and social media for a bit. Breathe through your nose, and lengthen your exhales. Focus on the pause, the space between the breaths. Follow your breath until you tune out the white noise and distractions in the background.

Woman sitting in lotus pose under Ganesh street art in Guadeloupe.

Create your dream vacation

Pick your next destination, get on Pinterest, and plan your ultimate vacation for when these days are behind us. Pick the places you want to see, choose the route you will take. Create a map on Google MyMaps. I sometimes go so far as to calculate walking distances between things, since I prefer walking to public transportation. Where’s your next destination going to be when the shitstorm blows over? Leave it in the comments!! I’ve got my fingers crossed I can still spend the summer in Ukraine and my birthday (September) in Lithuania. In the meantime, I’m still really stoked to be here in Romania and do more exploring (as long as it’s safe!).

Rainy day in Sibiu, Romania, Piata Mare (Big Square).

At-home Spa

At some point while you’re stocking up on things, grab some things you’ll need for an at-home spa day. Soak your feet, put on a mask, some chill music, and pretend you’re somewhere else!

Wine and Photoshoot and/or Dance party

No comment needed.


I don’t know about you guys, but my Facebook friends list seems flooded right now with musicians performing, yoga instructors offering up their practice, and others sharing their talents to their friends.

Virtual meetups

Zoom hangouts and chill, anyone? Have a Skype party with your friends, video chat with your parents – whatever. Physical distance doesn’t have to imply social distance.

Learn a language

There are hundreds of free apps, YouTube channels, and other resources available in this digital age of ours – use them to learn something! Instead of scrolling through the same three apps for six hours, use (some of) this time to learn the language of the next place you’ll visit!


Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes, doing something as simple as giving your personal space a face-lift will do wonders for your mood. I’m currently sitting here wondering how pissed my Airbnb host would be if I did some redecorating of my own…

Fine-tune your ‘remote worker’ skills

These five tech companies are giving some free services during this time of insanity, specifically to those who are finding their commute now only consists of a walk to the living room.

Pick up a book (or audiobook)!

Do you have a library card? If you do, you can use it to access free audiobooks on Libby. E-books are instantly available, and if you’re lucky enough to have the real thing – you know, flip through the pages with your fingers – even better! A good recommendation: The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen’s Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear.

Woman and dog sitting in Budapest apartment library.

Be kind to people who are struggling. Help when you can. Accept help when you need it. Stay strong, fellow citizens of the world.