Is Venice, Italy on your bucket list?

Venice was at the top of my bucket list when we went in 2009 and after going I immediately added going back to Venice onto my bucket list.
Go figure. It’s just like Hawaii for me.

I was still new to travel blogging when we went and I posted very little on our trip to Venice. Tonight on a twitter party on romantic travel they asked where the most romantic place you’ve ever been. I could list 10 off the top of my head, but Venice, Italy tops that list. Here’s a photo tour about Venice 3.5 years later!

Venice was built on wooden stilts and has only 3 feet of elevation which is why it floods easily.


Glass Jewelry in Venice

We did tons of window shopping, including strolling through a local market. Venice is known for it’s Murano glass and you can see from these pictures that hold true. The glass art was exquisite, as was the glass jewelry. The best part is that the glass jewelry is super cheap. I bought tons of souvenirs for friends. I bought myself a gorgeous yellow glass necklace, but after wearing it one time I accidentally dropped it and since it’s glass it broke. 


Not every inch of Venice is on a canal, although lots of Venice is! On our last morning, we strolled back towards the entrance to the city to catch the bus. We stopped in a couple of shops, grabbed some lunch and hung out eating in this park.

Venice is romantic

Venice oozes romance, but at night it is so much more romantic. Sit in St. Marks square and listen to the orchestra’s. Get up and dance with your partner. 

This was right outside our hotel. There are bridges everywhere. In fact, Venice happens to have 417 bridges, 72 of which are private. Most of the bridges don’t have steps because they were built when horses were used for transportation.

Walking around Venice is an experience unlike any other in the world. Even if you do nothing but walk around and hang out in cafes you’ll have a great time. It seems to never be crowded, maybe because over the last 50 years the population has dropped from 120,000 to 60,000. Some believe that eventually, it will be a place for tourists only.

Yes, there’s a beach!

If you want some beach time jump on a Vaparetto aka water taxi and head out to Lido Beach. Keep in mind that some people go topless here.

Oh, and some of the streets are pretty narrow, allowing you to have your very own Spiderman moment. One of the narrowest streets in the world is located in here. It is only 53 centimeters wide and called Calletta.