Do you like Tim Burton? If you answered yes then you need to visit Beetle House, the next time you are in New York City. It’s a Tim Burton themed bar and restaurant that is just as out of the box as his movies are.

Beetle House

Tim Burton Themed Bar in NYC

Last time I was in NYC I had a couple of girlfriends drag me to the East Village that wanted to try out a Tim Burton-themed bar they had heard about, Beetle House. Beetle House is an entire bar and restaurant inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. It’s an odd combination of whimsical and goth and it’s a Burton fan’s dream come true.

If you are wondering who Tim Burton is quit reading this, slap yourself for being ignorant, and go watch Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beetlejuice asap.

The Beetle house is tiny and we did have to make reservations in advance. I believe if you are drinking only you can just walk in without a reservation. I must say I do not know why we needed a reservation, the place was empty. Maybe it’s a ploy to make it seem in high demand?

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STEAK TAQUITOS made with lettuce, pico de gallo, and sour cream for $10. I had the tacos, of course. I am nothing if not predictable. I rarely meet a taco I do not like and these were no exception. They were awesome! I do not know why they call them taquitos. Do these look like taquitos? No, I don’t think so, they are tacos.

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CHESHIRE MAC – is a seven cheese mac and cheese with garlic and sea salt bread crumbs, and sweet stewed tomatoes for $20.img 4419 1

EDWARD BURGER HANDS is a 1/2 pound all-beef burger with smoked bacon, pepper jack, cheese, whole egg, avocado, roasted pepper, tomato, topped with sriracha cream and served on a toasted bun brushed with honey butter and garlic for $18.img 4418 1img 4415 1img 4414 1

Sadly, I cannot remember the names of any of the cocktails and I didn’t write them down. Food blogger fail. I do know that the one I had was made with Rumchata.

If you haven’t had Rumchata I highly advise you to make this a high priority by heading to the nearest liquor store cause it’s that good. Mix it with a little root beer, trust me, you’ll love it. (If you have never heard of Rumchata or Tim Burton, then you need to do some soul-searching and see where you went wrong in life. Just kidding, kind of.) img 4413 1I literally cannot imagine how sweet Halloween must be at this place. I poked around their Facebook page and it looks like they go all out for Halloween and on Tim Burton’s birthday on August 25th. I may have to make a special trip just to see this in person!

Beetle House a Tim Burton Themed Bar and Restaurant 4015

Beetle House Location:

308 east 6th street (East Village)

New York, New York
(646) 510-4786

Beetle House Hours:



SATURDAY 11am-2am

SUNDAY 11am-12am

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