Are you thinking about renting your first RV? A vacation spent in an RV rental is a dream trip, exceptionally fun as well as a rewarding experience. To get an RV on rent, you need to know a few things beforehand.

Beginners Guide to Renting your first RV

Below listed are some of the important things to keep in mind before renting your first RV. These guidelines are as follows:

  • When you think about renting an RV, there is more demand than supply. Sometimes you can see during vacations, RVs are getting booked for months or even a year in advance. If you book your RV rental in advance, then you can get your desired RV. The faster you book your RV rental, your chances of getting the best RV will get increased.
  • While booking your RV rental, you must make sure that your payment should be secure. Do not make payment through mail or phone because there are scammers all around. Always make your payment through a trusted online payment gateway or  RVshare, you will be confident in the security of the payment.
  • Before booking any RV rental, you should always check and compare prices of at least 5 top-rated RV rentals. RV rental prices will fluctuate by size and type of RV, location, duration as well as the distance of your trip, and time of year. The more RVs that you request, the more pricing options you will have to select from.
  • Proper insurance is essential when renting an RV. RVshare rental insurance is offered to owners at free of cost. RVshare rental insurance is one of the most trusted RV rental insurance in the world offered to RV owners. This rental insurance covers all of the 50 states of  the USA.
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Before renting an RV for a trip, you need to know that there are four basic RV types which are as follows:

Class A

This all-in-one RV typically has a lounge and dining area, kitchen, and bathroom with a shower as well as a separate bedroom. Ideal for large families and other groups who need a lot of space.Entegra-Cornerstone class A RV


Class B

A Class B is a complete size or extended van with a raised roof. Most are prepared with rudimentary kitchen appliances, a bed or dinette combo, and occasionally a toilet. Ideal for couples or singles.

Coachmen Nova Class B RV

Coachmen Nova Class B RV


Class C

This RV is manufactured on a truck chassis with an extra cab over the driver’s compartment. Class Cs have an isolated dining area, kitchen as well as a bathroom. Frequently the dinette converts into a bed for additional space. Above the driver’s seat is a full-size bed, which is great for kids. (This is what we had.) Rent a Class C RV for your next camping adventureimage 7879036 14062952.

2020 Forest River Sunseeker Class C RV

2020 Forest River Sunseeker Class C RV

Travel Trailer

It is an RV that you pull with a truck or SUV. Travel trailers come in all sizes from tiny 10’ compact trailers up to 40’ long trailers. For a mid-size trailer, you can anticipate a lounge, dinette, kitchen, bathroom, and separate bedroom. You will want to find out how much weight your vehicle can pull and then make sure to pick out a trailer that is within that range. Rent a Travel Trailer RV for your next camping adventureimage 7879036 14062967.Riverside-RV-Retro-travel trailer


There may be additional fees linked with renting an RV. From fees for additional items, cancellations, pets, or use of the generator. Make sure to inquire about all probable additional fees ahead of time to avoid any unpredicted costs.

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Search for an RV to rentimage 7879036 13773430 

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