Best Backpack for Traveling around Europe

Best Backpack for Traveling around Europe

Backpacking through Europe? One of the most important decisions you will make is the back pack you carry! Here are tips for finding the best backpack.

I have three backpacks that I use on a regular basis. One is large and great for backpacking Europe, one backpack has the ability to fold down into a tiny pouch, perfect for traveling, and one that protects my laptop.

Today I am highlighting the best backpack for traveling around Europe. This is the backpack I use when I forgo the suitcase.

The High Sierra 23″ Transport Travel Pack (Navy/Graphite) is the one I have. I like these travel backpacks for multiple reasons.

  1. It has different sections and can actually make into two backpacks. I find this feature convenient.  When we get to a destination we can leave our stuff in the room and use our little pack backs during the day.

2. They do not weigh much. This lets us maximize what we can put in them without going over weight.  This is important if you plan on traveling on a cheap European airline, because you can carry them on for free.

It does not have wheels.  Having that feature would add weight.  It is also difficult to roll anything around on cobblestone and up and down stairs.

3. The large pack has straps to cinch down your clothes and the small pack has multiple pockets making it easy to organize your pack.

4. At the very top of the large pack is a small area where you can put your cell phone, camera, sunglasses or whatever you want to keep handy.

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  1. Matthew Bailey November 16, 2018 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Great advice. I bought a great backpack 10 years ago but the only flaw is that it only opens from the top, which means I often have to unload the whole thing to find something….

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