With an extensive coastline that represents 20% of the coastlines in Mexico, Baja California Sur and its Capital City La Paz is a fabulous destination for those who appreciate the beauty of unspoiled beaches.

If you’re traveling with family, one of the main concerns is to have swimmable beaches that are secure and friendly for families and kids. This year I had the chance to explore La Paz, an amazing destination just two hours north of Cabo San Lucas. It’s a charming small city with a Mexican town vibe that is easily walkable.

Beaches in La Paz or Nearby

Most of the beaches are located within a radius of 17 miles from downtown and most are white sand beaches. All beaches inside the Bay of La Paz are perfect for families with small kids as they are very shallow and sandy. Shallow waters are typically safer but it’s still important to wear a life jacket.

El Coromuel BeachPlaya el Coromuel

El Coromuel is the closest beach to the city and is really popular with the locals. A few years ago this beach received the eco-certification Blue Flag, which monitors the quality of water, accessibility, and environmental consciousness. It’s very cheap to get here by taxi from downtown La Paz and they have food, restrooms, palapas, and more.

El Tesoro Beach

El Tesoro is the result of two hills that forms a small cove, this place has a bar and a restaurant with seafood as its main option but also with beef, chicken, and vegetarian options, kids can walk as far as 300 ft and water won’t go up from their hips. 

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Balandra BeachBalandra Bay

Playa Balandra, is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico. This Natural Protected Area is well known for being a pool in the sea. It features turquoise tones of water, it’s shallow and there are barely any waves. It’s definitely an Instagrammable spot but also ideal to spend the day reading a book, taking a nap or simply having a drink. One neat thing about taking a boat out to this beach is the chance you could see a whale going out there or on your way back. We saw two humpback whales on our way back, a mom and her baby!

Beaches Past the Bay of La Paz

Then we have beached located outside the Bay of La Paz, these ones have deeper waters with rocky bottoms and coral reefs, here it’s possible to spot larger fish and a wider variety of species, this specially for those into snorkeling or diving but keep in mind these places are more exposed, still swimmable for kids who know how to swim.

El Saltito BeachPlaya El Saltito

Our guides mentioned El Saltito, a remote area about 25 miles from downtown La Paz, when you get here it’s easy to understand what they mean when they say it’s a real connection with nature and I mean for real, no phone service, no internet, restaurants or any evidence of civilization. Only a shade, some food and lots of water are needed to truly disconnect with daily life and immerse in water with that much of marine life and colors.

La Ventana BeachLa Ventana Beach in La Paz, Mexico

Further south-east La Paz is La Ventana, and old fishing town now famous during the winter for its strong winds making this place the perfect spot in Mexico for kite surf and kite foil, this bay really feels remote and isolated, with few boutique hotels and some glamping, this area is highly suggested for couples or families with a real sense of adventure, but during our visit not everything is about the kids and when the sun sets, few bars along the coastline open with live music and fresh cocktails.

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Cerritos BeachCerritos Beach

But not everything is about relaxation and sun bathing on calm waters, La Paz county also faces the Pacific Ocean. Near Todos Santos, one the Magic Towns in Mexico, Playa Cerritos is located, this place offers great waves to practice surf. Whether you are beginner or an expert, this place offers amazing surf experiences. Schools as Mario Surf School will teach you how to ride a nice wave in a matter of few hours.Mario's Surf School

The best part is that just 2 minutes from the beach we find Barracuda Cantina, a food truck transform into a restaurant with a palapa, their main dish are fish tacos and ceviche but they included a vegetarian option with fried avocado tacos, incredibly good.

Tecolote BeachTecolote Beach

Playa Tecolote is located just north of the Bay of Bahia Puerto Balandra with beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters on the Gulf of California coast. There are several restaurants here with a a large parking lot. We tried Club de Playa Tecolote and our food was great. It’s mainly seafood but there were non-seafood options. Club de Playa Tecolote

Just across the water from El Tecolote Beach is Espiritu Santo Island where you will find amazing snorkeling thanks to the rich marine life in the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California). The island is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and a national park.



With either friends, your couple or with the whole family La Paz is a great option when thinking on a beach destination, their forecast estimates only 10 days of rain a year and with a predominant semi-desertic weather, you can literally spend your Christmas vacation on the beach.

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Some options of beachfront accommodation includes Puerta Cortes Resort, with Costabaja Resort & Spa by Indigo, a property with 119 recently renewed rooms, but also villas and condos in Vistamar, this by the way is a great option for larger groups and as an extra tip, when renting a condo it includes a golf cart to move around the property and also access to the. Beach club El Cortes, where kids can freely play on the pool while you enjoy a fresh typical cocktail of Damiana.

La Paz is only 120 miles from Los Cabos Airport, that connects with the main cities and hubs along the US but the good news is that American Airlines is now offering three days a week service to La Paz from Phoenix.

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