Sierra Leone, a West African gem might not be the first destination that pops into your sun-seeking mind, but it’s home to some jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches. No kidding—imagine your favorite Instagram beach photo, then slap on a filter named “reality” because it’s better in person!

1. River No. 2 BeachRiver No. 2 Beach 

Starting strong, we have River No. 2 Beach, famously photographed for those old ‘Visit Sierra Leone’ posters. And let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. With white sand so fine it could be mistaken for powdered sugar and water so clear you’d swear it’s photoshopped, this place is universally acknowledged as a stunner. There are quite a few places to eat and drink here. There are a lot of chairs and tables you can sit at for a fee. There are no ATMs and they do not take credit cards here so bring cash. 

On certain days this beach can be quite active, other days there’s literally no one there. Either way, it’s a great time. Your tour guide will be able to tell you which days will be crazy. 

2. Tokeh Beach Tokeh Beach

Next up is Tokeh Beach. Want a more private experience? Tokeh’s got you. This beach offers a pristine stretch of sand with enough palm trees to guarantee a shady spot. The water is so blue, it makes the sky look washed out at times and the sunsets are lovely. I highly recommend staying here at The Place Resort. It’s my favorite hotel in Sierra Leone. 

The Place Resort

3. Lumley Beach 

Lumley Beach is the life of the party in Freetown. Think of it as that friend who insists you know every single person at the event. It’s bustling, lined with bars, restaurants, and enough vendors to buy everything you never knew you needed. If you fancy a side of people-watching with your sunset, Lumley Beach is your go-to. Just remember, it’s more crowded, so if you’re looking to avoid human contact, perhaps look elsewhere.


4. John Obey Beach 

Then there’s John Obey Beach, the introvert of the group. Less developed, more serene, and ideal for the soul-searchers or anyone who wants to pretend they’re on a deserted island. Survival skills aren’t required, but appreciation for nature’s unspoiled beauty is a must. Bring a book, or better yet, write one while you’re soaking up the untouched scenery.

5. Bureh Beach 

Catch some waves at Bureh Beach. It’s the local surf hub, where the waves are friendly enough for beginners and still a hoot for the seasoned pros. The vibe here is so laid-back, it’s horizontal. Surfers and locals mingle like they’re at a family reunion, and you’re always welcome to join the party.

6. Kent BeachKent Beach

And finally, we have Kent Beach. Not to be overlooked, this charming spot offers a more quaint beach experience. It’s where locals go to escape the more touristy areas, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of Sierra Leone’s coastal communities.

The golden sand might not brag the same status as some others, but its authenticity is its charm. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a quiet day under the sun with a good book and a better attitude.


So, there you have it—Sierra Leone’s top beach picks. Whether you’re in the mood to party, lounge in luxury, or whisper sweet nothings to the ocean, these spots offer something for every type of beach-goer. Pack your bags (and maybe a witty retort or two), and prepare for sandy toes and sun-kissed noses. Sierra Leone is waiting to surprise you with its coastal charm!

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