Colorado is a huge and diverse state, and ultimately one of the best places to take yourself or your family on vacation. Colorado is probably best known for its amazing outdoor culture with athletes flocking from all over the world to hike, climb, or ski in its mountains. But the state also has an awesome culture with its fair share of history, art, and world-renowned restaurants and shopping centers. With a huge selection of amazing luxury homes in Colorado to choose from, it’s easy to stay in an epic spot with tons to do during the days. Take your pick from a multi-bedroom family home, or a single apartment space overlooking the mountains. Whether you want to bring the whole family on an exciting vacation or treat yourself to a weekend away, it’s easy to find the perfect place to unwind and have fun in this unique state. Read on to hear some of our top destinations, by activity.

Best Colorado Destinations According to Your Interests

Best Skiing

Skiing is of course what CO is known for, and there are plenty of amazing resorts and mountain towns to explore by snow. Some of our favorite destinations include Aspen and Vail. Aspen is a world-renowned ski resort nestled high in the mountains. More than just a trip down the powdery slopes, Aspen is also filled with world-class dining and boutiques. For those seeking an upscale getaway, this may just be the place. Vail is similar to Aspen, although often considered more low-key. This ski resort town is generally smaller and quieter than its luxurious neighbor, but still an amazing place to take the family for a weekend of fun in the snow, or to unwind by the fireplace with a glass of wine in-hand.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Best Hiking

Hiking is great all over Colorado, so it’s hard to pick just a few spots. But some of the most amazing scenery can undoubtedly be found near the Rocky Mountains and in the diverse landscape of Great Sand Dunes National Park. The Rocky Mountains are a huge range spanning the state, filled with epic ascents and hidden lakes and valleys. Whether you’re seeking a challenging solo hike, a multi-day backpacking trip, or even an easy jaunt through the wilderness, all can be found alongside this epic mountain range. A second awesome place to explore outside are the Great Sand Dunes. A desert among the otherwise green landscape of Colorado, this place inspires awe in all who visit it. Visit when the weather is cooler for the best experience, and be sure to bring a camera to capture those once in a lifetime view.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument


Colorado is a state, drenched in history, from the prehistoric remains of dinosaurs to the more recent history of Victorian miners. Three of the best places to visit for a history fix are Telluride, Denver, and Dinosaur National Monument. While Denver houses some amazing history museums, it also has a preserved Victorian home of Titanic survivor Molly Brown. Telluride was once a thriving miner’s town in the Victorian era, and guests can similarly visit one of its many historic landmarks- including the local opera house. At the Dinosaur National Monument, entire preserved sections of dinosaur fossils lay exposed in rock walls and surfaces, allowing visitors to get an up-close look at the beasts that once roamed the land.

Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Best Art & Culture

If you’re looking for a trip filled with city art and culture, look no further than Boulder or Denver. While other U.S. cities would have you sacrificing access to the outdoors, in CO there’s no such problem. Head to the tea house in Boulder for a perfectly brewed chai, or the botanic gardens in Denver for a zen break. Art museums in both cities are exquisite, with rare collections of indigenous art and other rarities. With the mountains as your backdrop in both locations, it’s easy to take a break from the urban hustle for a day hike or other outdoor adventure.

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Nightlife & Food

Nightlife can equally be found in large Colorado cities, but the food in Boulder is not to be beat. Often compared to San Francisco as far as coffee and food-culture standards, this little mountain town has all the boutique-style restaurants you could ask for. Small batch roasted coffee, intimate restaurants, and pub-style bars reminiscent of Boston make this downtown a great place to spend a night or morning out. Several stores even stay open late, including some of the downtown bookstores, making it easy to spend a night on the town even if hitting up the bars isn’t your thing.

Relaxing Destinations

Colorado is among the top US destinations for relaxing outdoors. With unparalleled mountain views and natural hot springs, it’s easy to have a spa-like experience for free. Look up the local hot springs in your area and head out just before dusk as the weather starts to cool. After a day spent in the Alpine air, nothing beats unwinding in a hot river bath filled with rejuvenating nutrients for your skin.

So whether you want to adventure hard in the outdoors or just take it easy by exploring the city centers and natural wonders of the landscape, Colorado is a great place to do so. Constant access to the incredible beauty of the region makes it easy to unwind, regardless of your interests.