Eco lodges offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty with minimal environmental impact. Being an essential part of ecotourism, the environmentally-friendly resorts are carefully designed to blend in with their surroundings. While they also use renewable energy sources and natural materials to minimize the footprint. 

Whether you are looking for a peaceful escape or an adventure outdoors, an eco resort is a perfect place to start. Read on as we explore some of the best eco lodges around the world and their effective sustainability measures.

Svart, Norway Svart Hotel in Norway 

Located above the Arctic Circle, the Svart Lodge in Norway displays a 360-degree view of the Svartisen Glacier. It also offers breathtaking views of Holandsfjordern fjord and mountains. 

This resort’s infrastructure takes inspiration from the local folk culture, occupying minimal space in the natural surroundings. Moreover, this eco-friendly lodge aims to preserve 85% of power consumption annually, thanks to solar energy usage. 

You can indulge in various exciting activities during your stay here. The green and blue hills provide a perfect backdrop for hiking on all levels. Additionally, you can climb the glacier tunnels or go deep-sea fishing. 

Secret Bay, Dominica Secret Bay, Dominica 

If you are planning an eco-tour to Dominica, you should consider staying at Secret Bay. The infrastructure of this resort is based on Guyanese hardwood, a sustainable building material. While it also strives to follow the interesting farm-to-table theory, which eradicates the use of plastic. 

Their team is highly committed to staying as green as possible; they even grow fruits and vegetables with wastewater. All of this has earned them a sustainability certification from Green Globe.

Secret Bay is more than just an eco-friendly resort. It is a place where you can indulge in diverse activities and create memories for a lifetime. You can explore the Caribbean on a horse or discover hidden sea gems on a kayak to add an adventurous touch to your tour. Check current rates.

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Jetwing, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka Jetwing, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka 

Located on the South-East coast of Arugam Bay, the Jetwing Lodge in Sri Lanka is regarded as one of the finest treasures of the area. This eco-friendly paradise’s foundation is based on the sustainable fusion of wood, dried grass, and palm leaves. The hotel’s commitment to eco-friendliness extends to its use of natural lighting and ventilation. And, they also treat the wastewater biologically.  

At this lodge, you are not just a guest, but you become a part of the Jetwing family. From meeting local naturalists to knowing more about the area’s natural wonders, everything you do here will bring you closer to nature. Check current rates. 

Karijini Eco Retreat, Western Australia Karijini Eco Retreat, Western Australia 

If you want to satisfy your inner adventurer on an eco-tour, staying at Karijini Eco Retreat will be worth it. This campground boasts a prime location in Karijini Park, where you can participate in various outdoor activities to make the most of your trip. You can explore the hills with scattered wildflowers or visit the Joffre Gorge waterfall, which is within walking distance from this lodge. It is open for swimming, hiking, and camping. 

This lodge’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its use of solar-powered energy and the absence of air-conditioning. While it also offers a unique accommodation experience with safari-style eco tents located amid the bushland. These spacious cabins feature comfortable pods, shared bathrooms, and large windows that provide views of the surrounding wilderness. Check current rates.

Tiamo Resort, Bahamas Tiamo Resort, Bahamas 

The Tiamo Resort, a 5-star lodge in South Andros Island, Bahamas, offers a peaceful getaway experience on a private beach. Spread across 125 acres of natural splendor, this resort offers a memorable experience amidst nature. 

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It has 11 villas, each designed with a rustic charm, offering exceptional views of turquoise waters and lush tropical landscapes of the surroundings. It also offers a range of activities to suit all interests. You can take a dip in the clear waters and go snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. 

The professional architects ensured minimal use of machinery during this lodge’s construction to reduce the environmental impact. With the help of support structures, they have kept all the buildings off the ground, leaving a minor footprint on nature. Meanwhile, the bungalow’s design maximizes the airflow for natural cooling, and solar panels generate all the power. Check current rates

Campi Ya Kanzi, Mtito Andei, Kenya Campi Ya Kanzi, Mtito Andei, Kenya 

Kenya’s hidden treasure, the Campi Ya Kanzi in Mtito Andei, comprises a diverse landscape that conserves around 28 thousand acres of natural beauty. It was built on the foundation of depicting the importance of wildlife and nature protection for future generations.

This lodge accommodates only 12 guests at once, allowing you to escape the hustles of the fast-moving and crowded world. Staying here will feel like you have the entire African Savannah to yourself. While exploring its open grasslands, you can even spot many native animals, including black rhinos and elephants. Check current rates

Nascar Hotel, Sardinia, ItalyNascar Hote

The Nascar Hotel is located in the historic village of Santa Maria Navarrese in Sardinia, Italy. This unique destination offers a blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Surrounded by crystal clear water and lush coves, it is a perfect base to explore the coastal landscapes of Sardinia.  

One of the landmarks of this eco-friendly hotel is a famous 11th-century church. Its distinctive architectural style roots back to ancient culture and serves as a magnificent backdrop to the hotel. Also, some of the olive trees in the resort’s surroundings are over a thousand years old, which is a testament to nature’s resilience. 

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You can visit the village beach to enjoy summer evenings, which is just 200m from the hotel. Golgo Mountain is also located near this lodge,  home to many strange mysteries.

This hotel gets its power from 100% renewable sources and implements car-free accessibility. Also, 80% of the waste from here is recycled. Check current rates.  

Hacienda Tres Rios, Playa del Carmen, Mexico Hacienda Tres Rios, Playa del Carmen, Mexico 

Hacienda Tres Rios is a luxurious eco-friendly resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, surrounded by lush tropical jungles, mangroves, and crystal-clear rivers. The best part about this eco-resort is its prime location inside the Tres Rios Ecological Park, spread over more than 326 acres. This nature hub is home to diverse wildlife and native plant species. At the same time, you can also explore tons of fun-filled activities here, including zip-lining, bike tours, snorkeling, and more.  

There are also top-notch facilities for guests who want to spend some leisure time. You can relax in the pools, visit the on-site fitness center, or pamper yourself at the spa. Finally, you can end your day by attending an evening show that displays the rich Mexican culture. Check current rates

Bottom Line: 

One of the best ways to connect with nature is by staying at an eco-friendly resort. We have rounded up some of the best eco-lodges around the world, each offering fun activities while still doing its part for the environment. Select your next getaway from our list of the finest eco-lodges and escape to a world where luxury meets conservation. 

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