Traveling demands some good gear to make the trip wondrous. A pair of binocular is such an essential item to carry in your bag, especially if you anticipate wildlife viewing or sports events. Binoculars are a zooming optical device that helps to get a close view of your desired object. You may be a hiker, bird watcher, nature lover, or explorer looking for small animals, either way you will need a pair of the best travel binoculars.

Out of the many binoculars, travelers prefer the small-size binoculars as they provide hassle-free carrying. In this article, you will get the basic features and several compact binoculars suggestions.  So, what are the best lightweight binoculars for travel? Read the following sections and get your answer.

Top 5 Compact Travel Binocularscompact travel binoculars

Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

The first product that we recommend for travelers is the 12×25 Occer Travel Binoculars. This pair of compact binoculars are easy to carry with a neck lanyard even in your pocket depending on what you are wearing. Want to see distant objects? Don’t worry, this is a 12x magnification device that makes it possible to see an enlarged view of the target. Both kids and adults can use this for traveling fun.

Occer waterproof binoculars use BAK4 prism and fully multi-coated (FMC) lenses allowing you to see high-quality images. Just turn on the binoculars and get superb vision. If you want to use the binocular in harsh weather you can, as it is waterproof and the outer portion is made from ABS plastic. So, grab this mini binocular and have fun on traveling trips.


  • Powerful binocular
  • Provide bright image
  • Great value for the money
  • Durable and waterproof design


  • Form blurry images in maximum zooming

Aurosports 10×25 Binoculars For Adults & Kids

Another good travel binocular is Aurosports Compact Binoculars. With BAK4 prism and FMC lenses, there is also an anti-reflective coating on the lenses that create crystal clear pictures. Travelers can change the zoom up to 10x to see any scenery or else. This is a foldable unit, so you can carry it to any tight space even your pocket.

When you buy these mini binoculars, you’ll get the complete accessory set like a portable bag, anti-slip strap, dust cover, cleaning cloth, etc. The ABS plastic armor makes the Aurosports binoculars anti-skid, shockproof, and good for rugged environments. Moreover, it is waterproof and features low light night vision. So, you can use this binocular in low-light conditions from dawn to dusk. 


  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Comes with a complete kit set
  • Works in low light conditions
  • Easy to focus
  • Compact size


  • Not completely waterproof

POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars

If you are in search of a budget-friendly, and very lightweight binocular, then you shouldn’t miss the POLDR Pocket Binocular anyway.  This is almost 6.5 ounces only, so kids will find it handy on their traveling trip. Besides, the magnification is tremendous 12x!

The center focus wheel allows easy adjustment. Built-in BAK 4 prism reflects almost 100% of the light that helps to get high-definition images. Magnesium body and good finish make this binocular sturdy to use outdoor. Whether you need bird-watching or wildlife observation in traveling, this will be the right one for your travel.


  • Affordable price
  • High magnification
  • Pocket size binocular
  • Comes with full accessories


  • A small field of view
  • Not good for low-light

Skygenius 8×21 Compact Binoculars

The Skygenius Binoculars are suitable for observation like bird watching or other outdoor activities.  Foldable and pocket-sized make it perfect for any type of object viewing purpose. You can see more than 1000 yards clearly with a large field of view using this device.

Skygenius uses fully multi-coated green lenses and BK7 for creating high-quality images. The 8x magnification binocular is good to have for your next outdoor trip. Using this optic, you will get great performance in a low-light situation. And you will get all the necessary kit and 1-year warranty with this binocular. So, let’s hurry and buy this soon!


  • Long-range viewing
  • Unappalled optical clarity
  • Very easy to focus
  • Comes with necessary add-ons
  • Small size


  • Not fully waterproof

Bushnell 8×21 Powerview Compact Binoculars

Last but not the least option is a renowned Bushnell Optics product, the Bushnell Compact Binoculars. If you need the best brightness and top-class image, these won’t disappoint you as there is BK7 roof prism glass. The 8x magnification, 21 mm objective lens, and multi-coated lenses give you clear images no matter how much you zoom in on the device.

The non-slip rubber armor ensures shock-resistance and durability whereas sides have a diamond-cut texture for a safe grip. For easy carrying, it comes with a portable pouch and neck strap. There is also an opportunity to choose between black and multi-color models. Get this mini Bushnell binocular and level up your travel fun.


  • Ensures maximum optical clarity
  • Wider field of view
  • Durable construction
  • All accessories included including a carrying case


  • No FMC coating

Important Features of Lightweight Binocularsbest pocket binoculars

Magnification & Objective Lens 

When you test a binocular in hand, the thing that you see first in the body is two numbers like 10x25mm. The first number denotes the magnification and the second one is the objective lens diameter. This two value is the very primary things to understand the binocular’s power and usability.

Higher magnification binoculars allow seeing more distant objects but might create an unclear view at the highest zoom. If you needn’t far object vision, don’t activate the maximum zoom. A larger objective lens allows more light to pass through the optical binocular. However, a bigger objective lens may make the device bulky. 

So, you have to choose the binoculars considering the magnification and objective lens size importantly. Good binoculars balance between the features for getting maximum benefits. In general, 8×20 to 10×25 binoculars are good for traveling.

Image Quality

The main objective of using binocular is to make distant objects closer. And it’s useless to say that good images help to get a good depth of perception. Several things make images clear such as a prism, lens quality, and coating, etc. 

Binoculars use two types of prism to a wide range- Porro prism and roof prisms. Usually, roof prism binoculars are straight in structure whereas Porro prism binoculars come with a curved shape. BAK4 and BAK7 are two good reflective coatings for prism. And BAK7 is the top priority prism for binoculars.

Another important thing that improves image quality is the lens coating. Fully multi-coated (FMC) lenses provide good anti-reflection, anti-glare images to various lighting conditions. On the other hand, single-coated, or multi-coated lenses may create a reflection in images that may mislead viewers.

Field Of View 

Field of view (FOV) and magnification are vice versa. The larger the magnification is the smaller the field of view will be and you can see the smaller area through the device at a time. For this reason, avoid too many big magnification devices.

Water & Fog Proof

For outdoor use, go for a durable and weather-resistant binocular. The anti-skid and shockproof device is helpful as this prevents the binocular from severe damage if it falls anyway. Water and fog-resistant binocular is necessary for using harsh environs. Quality binoculars use O-rings, argon, or nitrogen gas to make the device ideal to deal with bad weather.

Easy To Carry

For traveling purposes, you need a hassle-free compact size binocular at a reasonable price. It should come with a neck lanyard, hand strap. And most importantly, choose a lightweight model to carry it conveniently. Many travel binoculars are foldable that allows carrying in your pocket.

These are several of the important features that you should consider while buying your lightweight travel binocular. Hopefully, you can choose a good one from our recommended list.

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