There’s something magical about hot springs. The gentle steam from the warm waters not only relaxes your mind but also offers a plethora of physical benefits. It is known to relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and boost the immune system. Besides, the mixture of multiple minerals can work as a multivitamin for your skin. 

With that being said, let’s explore the 11 best hot springs in Oregon, a state famous for its diverse landscape. From geothermal-fed natural pools to artificial tubs, there is a lot to discover. 

Umpqua Hot Springs, Natural Umpqua Forest, Southern Oregon Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon

Located in a forested canopy in Southern Oregon, the Umpqua Hot Springs is home to seven geothermal pools on a travertine terrace. These are some of the hottest springs in the state, where temperatures can go as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal location above the North Umpqua River adds to a scenic view. And this river is a popular destination for fly fishing. 

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You can access the North Umpqua Trail from these hot springs, a hub of many recreational activities. This 80-mile trail offers diverse experiences, including hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding, to name a few. 

Hart Mountain Hot Springs, Antelope Refuge, Southeastern Oregon

The Hart Mountain Hot Springs, located in Central Oregon’s high desert plateau, can only be accessed through a rough dirt road. But, it will be worth the effort when you rejuvenate by soaking in the waters of two unique hot springs. The main pool boasts carefully landscaped rocks as a natural seating area. And there is a smaller hot spring nearby with epic open landscapes that stretch out to the horizon. 

There are high chances of spotting one or two wildlife wonders, including pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and mule deer.

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Summer Lake Hot Springs, Paisley, Oregon Outback  

Driving two hours southeast of Bend, you can reach the Summer Lake Hot Springs to soak in its rocky pools. When floating in the waters, you will enjoy the landscape from a 360-degree view. An indoor pool inside a surrounding resort is another attraction, with its foundation in a century-old bathtub. 

This retreat has its doors open for multiple activities, including hiking, birdwatching, stargazing, and soaking up the sun in the desert. Thanks to its beautiful accommodation options, you won’t have to worry about planning an overnight stay. There are twelve uniquely crafted dwellings with RV slips. And, you can also camp in the open sky as it offers a five-acre area for this purpose. Summer Lake Hot Springs, Paisley, Oregon Outback  

Ritter Hot Springs, John Day Valley, Northeastern Oregon

When in northeast Oregon to explore hot springs, the first destination on your list should be the Ritter in Long Creek. It enjoys a unique location in an ancient town next to the John Day River. 

The four tubs here hold super hot water that is 109 degrees Fahrenheit and can accommodate two to three people. For those visiting in summer, a swimming pool with cold water across the John Day River’s Middle Fork can be a perfect way to beat the heat. And, a single-pipe shower on the premises serves as a powerful massager for your neck and shoulders. 

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Alvord Hot Springs, Harney County, Southeast Oregon

Alvord Hot Springs is surrounded by the diverse landscape of the Steens Mountains and Alvord Desert. Since it is private property, you will have to pay $5 to enjoy the two hot water pools. These pools have a rich history as they date back to the 1940s and have been modernized over time.  

One of the hot springs is a small, enclosed man-made one, while the other offers a more natural setting. The temperature of both pools fluctuate between 100 to 110 degrees. Thanks to two hot and cold water pipes feeding the pool, you can adjust the water’s condition according to your liking. 

On a weekend getaway, you can witness live music performances. And, for comfortable accommodation, there are many campsites and heated cabins nearby.  

Alvord Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Harney Country, Southeast Oregon 

For over nine decades, the Crane Hot Springs has been one of the favorite spots for travelers of all ages in Southeast Oregon. The expansive pond in this region covers almost 9,728 feet of land and is a perfect getaway for a family trip. The water temperature is carefully maintained at around 101 degrees. 

To have a more intimate experience, you can go to the private pools which are filled with the same mineral water from the pond. The teepee tents offer a unique overnight staying experience. And, there are private patios available, to accommodate families and offer scrumptious barbeque treats. 

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Bagby, Clackamas County

Driving three hours from Portland towards Mount Hood National Forest will bring you to the Bagby Hot Springs. Multiple tall coniferous trees surround the area in a trail of 1.4 miles. And, a secluded branch from Clackamas River adds to the picturesque view. 

The springs here are enclosed in hollow cedar tubs, which feel similar to a bathhouse. Both upper and lower bathhouses contain a 6 feet round tub in an open deck.

Shower Creek, a secluded camping spot, is just a few miles past the hot springs and offers a unique backcountry camping experience if you are planning an overnight stay. Bagby Hot Springs

Paulina Hot Springs, Newberry Volcanic Monument

These hot springs are two miles away from Paulina Lake. There are some stunning landscapes to explore along the terrain that makes the walk worth it. If you want a more picturesque experience in Deschutes National Park, then embarking on the alternative 7.5 miles hike, the Paulina Lake Hot Springs Trail, is a perfect option. 

The five natural springs here are exposed to waves from the lake, which bring the water temperature to optimal. It ranges from 90 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit on average. To experience this volcanic beauty’s night view, you can camp nearby at the Little Crater Campgrounds. 

Paulina Hot Springs


Terwilliger Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs is nestled in the heart of Willamette National Forest. If you hear locals refer to Cougar Hot Springs, don’t be alarmed – these pools get their name from the water source, Rider Creek, which eventually flows into Cougar Reservoir. Just a quick 0.5 km stroll from Forest Service Road 19, or Aufderheide Memorial Drive, and you’ll be transported to a paradise of natural geothermal pools. It’s time to relax and enjoy the healing power of Mother Nature.

Bottom Line: 

In addition to their therapeutic benefits, hot springs are also one of the wonderful ways to connect with nature and enjoy scenic views. Pack your bags, grab your swimsuit, and embark on an adventure to discover the best Oregon Hot Springs. 


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