Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite dining options when visiting Las Vegas? Trust us, we’ve been there too – it’s like standing at the foot of a culinary Mount Everest. Thanks to our rumbling stomachs and rigorous research, you’ll get an insider’s guide to the best new places to eat in 2023 in this bustling city.

Ready for a gastronomic adventure? Let’s dig in!

Trendy and Innovative Restaurants

Las Vegas has no shortage of trendy and new innovative restaurants that are pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity. From the modern Italian cuisine at Balla Italian Soul to Martha Stewart’s latest venture, The Bedford, there is no lack of fresh and exciting dining options in Sin City.

Balla Italian Soul

Nestled in the heart of SAHARA Las Vegas, and spearheaded by James Beard Award-winning chef Shawn McClain alongside Richard Camarota, Balla Italian Soul is breathing new life into classic Italian cuisine.

Picture vivid colors, bold flavors that dance on your tongue, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe that instantly sets you at ease. Believe us when we say that every dish is crafted from fresh ingredients making it a culinary delight! You can soak up this vibrant dining experience from Wednesday to Sunday between 5 to 10 p.m.

This trendy place serves as an example of why Las Vegas Dining is considered innovative for 2023.

The Bedford by Martha StewartThe-Bedford-by-Martha-Stewart

Our next stop on the culinary tour of Las Vegas is none other than iconic lifestyle queen Martha Stewart’s first-ever restaurant – The Bedford. Nestled inside the Paris Hotel and Casino, this hotspot recreates her 1925 farmhouse to deliver an authentic and immersive dining experience that screams both glamor and comfort.

From innovative dishes inspired by Martha’s own lifestyle to desserts flavored with ambrosia, every morsel here is a gastronomic celebration. What adds more sparkle? A sip of Martha-tini perhaps! Not just us, the rave reviews vouch for it being one of the trendiest places to eat in Las Vegas for 2023.

Boom Bang Fine Foods & Cocktails

Imagine a unique mélange of New American cuisine with French and Mexican influences crafted by renowned chefs Elia Aboumrad and Christian Page. This makes every bite at Boom Bang Fine Foods & Cocktails a culinary journey! 

Counted among 21 fabulous dining options in suburban Henderson, our joy knows no bounds when we say their dishes have been decorated with awards – they’re just that scrumptious! 

So next time you find yourself thinking about Las Vegas restaurants or awesome Las Vegas dining experiences while strolling along S Valle Verde Dr., step into Boom Bang Fine Foods & Cocktails.


Brezza is one of the best new places to eat in Las Vegas for 2023. Located inside Resorts World Hotel on The Strip, this trendy and innovative restaurant offers a modern interpretation of classic Italian cuisine.

Helmed by accomplished chef Nicole Brisson, who previously opened the Las Vegas outpost of Eataly, Brezza serves up a menu of modern coastal Italian fare with housemade pasta and premier seafood.

The interior decor is a lovely mix of blues and burnt orange, creating an inviting atmosphere for diners. Brezza is definitely worth considering as your next dining destination when visiting Sin City.

Fine Dining Establishments

Indulge in gastronomic delights at Michelin-starred restaurants, savor the culinary creations of celebrity chefs, and experience opulent dining like never before.

Michelin-starred Restaurants

Las Vegas is known for its incredible dining scene, and one of the highlights is definitely the Michelin-starred restaurants. These establishments have been recognized for their exceptional culinary experiences and are a must-visit when in town. 

Here are some of the top Michelin-starred restaurants you should check out:


  • Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand: This fine French restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, making it a true gem in Las Vegas. With its exquisite dishes and unique flair, Joel Robuchon offers an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy: Another highly acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant, Restaurant Guy Savoy is known for its exceptional French cuisine and luxurious atmosphere. Located at Caesars Palace, this establishment will surely impress even the most discerning food enthusiasts.Restaurant-Guy-Savoy
  • Picasso at Bellagio: With its superb Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, Picasso has earned a well-deserved Michelin star. The restaurant boasts stunning views of the Bellagio fountains, adding to the overall dining experience.
  • Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas: If you’re craving Chinese cuisine, make sure to visit Wing Lei. This Michelin-starred restaurant serves exquisite dishes that showcase the rich flavors and traditions of Chinese cooking.
  • Michael Mina at Bellagio: Offering a diverse menu of American cuisine with a modern twist, Michael Mina is another popular Michelin-starred restaurant worth visiting in Las Vegas. From seafood to steaks, this establishment caters to all taste buds.

Celebrity Chef-owned Establishments

Las Vegas is well-known for its celebrity chef-owned establishments, where you can experience the best of culinary excellence. 

Here are some of the must-visit restaurants in Las Vegas:

  • Hell’s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay: Indulge in mouth-watering dishes inspired by the hit TV show. With a vibrant atmosphere and delectable flavors, this restaurant offers a truly memorable dining experience.
  • Nobu: Owned by renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, this upscale Japanese restaurant is a haven for sushi lovers. Their innovative menu combines traditional Japanese cuisine with contemporary twists that will leave you craving for more.
  • Chica by Lorena Garcia: Experience Latin flavors like never before at Chica, owned by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia. From refreshing ceviche to flavorful empanadas, every dish here showcases the vibrant and diverse tastes of Latin America.Chica-by-Lorena-Garcia
  • Buddy V’s Ristorante: Owned by the famous “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, this Italian eatery brings a taste of his family traditions to Las Vegas. Indulge in classic Italian favorites like homemade pasta and mouth-watering cannolis.
  • Jaleo by José Andrés: This Spanish tapas restaurant, owned by celebrity chef José Andrés, takes you on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of Spain. Enjoy traditional tapas dishes and innovative creations that celebrate Spanish cuisine. Located in the Cosmopolitan.
    Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Discovering hidden gems and local favorites is a thrilling adventure for food enthusiasts in Las Vegas. From tucked-away eateries serving up authentic flavors to neighborhood gems with their own unique charm, these culinary treasures are waiting to be explored.

Locals in Las Vegas have their favorite off-the-Strip restaurants that offer delicious food at affordable prices. These spots may not be as well-known as their Strip counterparts, but they certainly hold their own in terms of flavor and atmosphere.

Neighborhood Gems

Las Vegas is not just about the glitz and glamor of the famous Strip. Once you venture off the beaten path, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of neighborhood gems that will delight your taste buds in unexpected ways. Here are some hidden culinary treasures that are waiting to be discovered:

  • Lotus of Siam: This unassuming Thai restaurant has received rave reviews from food critics worldwide, making it a must-visit for lovers of authentic Thai cuisine. Don’t miss their signature dish, the Northern-style Khao Soi.Lotus of Siam best Thai food in Vegas
  • Tacos El Gordo: If you’re craving mouth-watering Mexican street food, head over to Tacos El Gordo. Their no-frills taco stands serve up deliciously flavorful tacos with fillings like al pastor and carne asada.
  • Sparrow + Wolf: This trendy eatery offers a fusion of global flavors with a focus on seasonal ingredients. From their creative small plates to their innovative cocktails, Sparrow + Wolf promises a dining experience like no other.
  • Naked City Pizza: For pizza lovers looking for something beyond the ordinary, Naked City Pizza serves up unique combinations like their popular “Famous Original” topped with meatballs and ricotta cheese.
  • Vegenation: Whether you’re a vegan or simply looking for healthy and delicious plant-based options, Vegenation has got you covered. Their menu features globally inspired dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Bajamar Seafood & Tacos: Step into this vibrant seafood joint for a taste of Baja California’s finest flavors. From ceviches to fish tacos, Bajamar brings the taste of the ocean right to your plate.
  • Island Flavor: Craving some island vibes? Head to Island Flavor for a delicious journey through Hawaiian and Caribbean cuisines. Don’t miss their mouthwatering kalua pork or their flavorful jerk chicken.
  • The Black Sheep: This modern American restaurant offers a twist on classic dishes, combining flavors from diverse culinary traditions. Indulge in their creative dishes like bacon-wrapped meatloaf or Vietnamese-style duck confit.
  • Cornish Pasty Co.: Looking for a hearty meal? Cornish Pasty Co. serves up traditional British pasties filled with savory ingredients like beef, potatoes, and mushrooms. Pair it with one of their craft beers for the perfect meal.
  • Monta Ramen: Satisfy your noodle cravings at Monta Ramen, where they serve up authentic Japanese ramen bowls packed with flavor. From rich tonkotsu broth to tender chashu pork, every bowl is a delight.
  • La Mona Rosa: Formally known as La Comida, this popular restaurant serves outstanding Mexican dishes and delicious margaritas in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a favorite among locals who appreciate its authentic flavors and vibrant atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas



In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas in 2023 and looking for the best new places to eat, you won’t be disappointed. From trendy and innovative restaurants to classic fine dining establishments, there is something for every taste bud.

Don’t forget to explore the hidden gems and local favorites that offer unique cuisines and off-the-beaten-path experiences. So grab your appetite and get ready to indulge in the culinary delights that Las Vegas has to offer!

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