As the largest city in the state of Minnesota, there are many great places to eat in Minneapolis that will have your mouth watering.

From comfort foods to fine dining to bar and grills, Minneapolis has something that the entire family will enjoy.

Over the years, deciding where to go to dinner has become increasingly more difficult because of the many options. But no matter where you choose, you’ll be served something that will leave you wanting more. 

Where to Eat in Minneapolis

1. Psycho Suzi’s Motor Loungepsycho-suzis

While of course, you’re looking for good food when you head out for dinner, it’s also fun to look for somewhere that will be an experience.

At Psycho Suzi’s, you’ll be served great food and a unique experience. The Polynesian tiki-themed bar sits on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.

Their large dog-friendly patio allows you to sit outside and enjoy the sun in the summer months, while their 4-month Christmas party will leave you feeling holly and jolly during the winter.

Choose a cocktail or Mai-Tai from their drink menu that’s almost the size of their food menu, and one of their popular pizzas.

You’ll leave feeling full and happy with the fun time you had at Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge.

2. Red RabbitRed Rabbit in Minneapolis

Found in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, Red Rabbit serves authentic Italian food in a laid-back atmosphere.

The modern restaurant aims to make guests feel like they’re part of the family with a relaxed vibe and delicious food.

Between their selection of delectable pasta to their crispy, handmade pizzas, Red Rabbit will have you wanting to come back for more.

Choose a seat at one of the red boots inside, or enjoy the sunshine out on their patio.

There’s also a location in St. Paul, and Red Rabbit is owned by the same folks that own the popular Minneapolis restaurant Red Cow.

3. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Located on Hennepin Avenue, just steps from some of the top attractions in Minneapolis, is Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse.

Though there are locations scattered around the United States, this chain restaurant has remained a favorite in Minneapolis.

If you’re really hungry, this is the place to go, as it’s an all-you-can-eat steakhouse.

Choose from over 10 different kinds of meats, which are served on skewers, as well as side dishes. 

Along with the meats and sides, there’s a large ‘Market Table’ which has a variety of salads, cheeses, antipasti, and more.

Eat until you’re full, and then flip the card to red to tell them you’re done.

4. Butcher and the BoarButcher and the Boar

This long-time Minneapolis favorite took a break for a while, but they’re back and better than ever under new ownership.

As an upscale restaurant, you can expect to receive high-quality meats and meals delivered to your table.

Their sausages, meats, fish, and salads all have their own unique spin to them, and will have your mouth watering just by reading the menu.

End your meal with a choice from their dessert menu, such as bananas foster or crème brûlée.

5. Hai Hai

Hai Hai is a local favorite with a beautiful outdoor patio and the option to dine indoors when the cold Minnesota winter hits.

As a Southeast Asian street food restaurant, you can expect to find a large variety of original and traditional foods that you would find in Southeast Asia.

Noodle soups, spring rolls, and rice bowls are a few favorite options from the upbeat Minneapolis restaurant.

6. Red Cowred-cow

There are four Red Cow locations around the Twin Cities area, showcasing how delicious this local burger joint is.

The Red Cow isn’t your typical bar and grill, it’s more upscale and feels more like you’re in a fine-dining Minneapolis establishment. But you’ll still see those classic burgers on their menu.

It’s been said that they have some of the best and freshest-tasting burgers in the city, so be sure to choose one from their large selection.

They’ve also got a large drink menu featuring beers, cocktails, wines, and spirits.

7. Bar la Grassa

If you’re looking for somewhere to serve you some amazing Italian food in Minneapolis, then check out Bar la Grassa.

The head chef is a James Beard award winner and knows how to make his guests some of the best pasta on the block.

One of their top dishes is the red wine spaghetti, but no matter what you order on the menu, you’ll leave feel full and satisfied.

Pair your dinner with a glass of either red or white wine, and be sure to check out the dessert menu before heading home for the night. Their tiramisu is a perfect choice!

8. Kramarczuk’s East European Deli

At Kramarczuk’s East European Deli, you can expect to get some of the best deli meats in Minneapolis.

At their restaurant, enjoy some of the best polish sausages around, as well as handmade East European specialties.

From cabbage rolls to pierogies to soups, the menu is packed with delicious choices.

In 2013, Kramarczuk’s won a James Beard award, showcasing just how fantastic their food is.

Along with the restaurant, there is also a bakery and a deli market where you can take home some of their sausages.

9. Matt’s Bar & GrillMatt's Bar and Grill

If Minneapolis is known for anything, it’s our thousands of lakes and a good ole’ Juicy Lucy.

At a small dive bar in southern Minneapolis, Matt’s Bar & Grill, you can try an original Jucy Lucy.

Their claim to fame is their handmade burger stuffed with hot, melting cheese. Be careful as you bite into it, but the oozing cheese is what makes it so good!

Pair your burger with a basket of fries, and you’ll have tried one of the most popular places to eat in Minneapolis.

10. Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum BarPimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar

Enjoy authentic Jamaican food, right here in Minneapolis at Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar.

What once started as simple backyard barbeques, has turned into a popular restaurant where locals and visitors alike can enjoy traditional Jamaican foods.

Pimento follows the philosophies of cooking natural, local, and slow foods for their guests.

On the menu, you’ll find authentic entrees of jerk chicken, jerk pork, curries, and more. And each entree is served with coconut rice and beans, fried plantains, and more.

At the Rum Bar, you can enjoy special events on select nights such as live music or karaoke.

11. Owamni

Owamni is mentioned time and time again when asking locals about their favorite restaurant in Minneapolis.

The unique restaurant is run by a team of Native American chefs who are seeking to revitalize the Native American cuisine by bringing it to Minneapolis.

On the menu, you’ll find Indigenous foods that have been specially created to showcase the Native American culture.

The chefs and owners of Owamni work with Indigenous food producers and local growers to create special and tasty food.

12. Sammy’s Avenue Eatery

This simple eatery located on the corner of Broadway and Emerson in Minneapolis offers a place for the community to gather and enjoy good food.

As one of the best places to eat in Minneapolis, Sammy’s Avenue Eatery offers meals for both breakfast and lunch.

If you’re looking for something quick to grab and eat for breakfast before lunch, the sandwiches served at Sammy’s will be perfect for you.

And if you’ve got some spare time at lunch, head over for a delicious pastrami, club, or melt from their afternoon menu.

Choose from either à la carte foods or pair a sandwich with a side to make a full meal.

13. Spoon and StableSpoon and Stable

The name for Spoon and Stable is properly fitting, since it’s located in what was once a horse stable in downtown Minneapolis, just off of the Mississippi River.

The head chef is a James Beard award winner and is focused on really bringing out the special aspects of Midwest cuisine and local culture.

Whether you’re looking for an upscale brunch menu, or somewhere to sit down for a nice dinner, Spoon and Stable is the place for you.

Choose from high-end entrees, delicious pasta, and start your meal with oysters on the half shell.

14. Wrecktangle Pizza

While most pizza places serve their pies in the shape of a circle, Wrecktangle Pizza has taken it into its own hands to be unique from the rest.

Don’t be surprised when they set down a rectangle-shaped pizza in front of you!

There are 3 different locations in Minneapolis to choose from, each offering its own version of the Wrecktangle menu.

Choose from classics like meat lovers, supreme, and Hawaiian. Or go for something a bit more unique like their breakfast pizza, Shreddatarian, or the Betty White. Regardless of what you order get ready to enjoy some of the best pizza in Minneapolis



15. Smack Shack

It can be really tough to find a good seafood place in a state like Minnesota where the ocean is nowhere to be seen.

But at Smack Shack, you can enjoy a casual atmosphere with not-so-casual tasting seafood.

They’re committed to serving their guests sustainable seafood and are well-known for their lobster rolls.

If lobster rolls aren’t your thing, they’ve also got a raw bar and offer a variety of crab boils with ingredients like shrimp, lobster, crab legs, and of course, potatoes, corn on the cob, and more.

The outdoor patio offers a great place to get out and enjoy the sun during the beautiful Minnesota summers.

16. Pizzeria Lola

You can never go wrong with pizza, especially if you’re making a visit to Pizzeria Lola in the 50th & France neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Named after the owner’s pet dog, Lola, this family-friendly pizzeria offers wood-fired pizza, made fresh in-house.

Seasonal specials and year-round classics give visitors a wide selection of pies that are sure to cure any winter blues from the long Minnesota winters.

For the adults, enjoy a locally brewed beer from popular Minnesota breweries like Castle Danger and Surly.

17. Minnesota Nice Creammn-nice-cream

If you’ve had your fair share of trying out the best restaurants in Minneapolis, is may be time to grab some dessert to end the night.

At Minnesota Nice Cream, you can enjoy some of the most unique and beautiful soft-serve ice creams that you’ve ever seen!

Choose from a variety of pre-made creations that will have you wondering why you haven’t been eating ice cream this way all along.

Or, make your own cone with fun toppings like toasted marshmallows, puppy chow, edible glitter, and cake pops.

While Minnesota Nice Cream started out as a food truck, you’ll be glad that they now have a permanent location!

18. George & the Dragon

At George & the Dragon, enjoy British-themed pub food from a family-owned restaurant that takes deep pride in their great food.

Their mission is to provide simple but great food to everyone that walks through their door, from their pub classics to their traditional family recipes.

Fish & chips, unique sandwiches, and chicken Milanese are just a few of the delicious offerings on their menu.

19. Isles Bun & Coffee Company

If you’re searching for the perfect breakfast spot in Minneapolis, look no further than Isles Bun & Coffee Company.

Famous for their homemade cinnamon rolls and puppy dog tails, your sweet tooth will sure be cured here.

Drop in for a quick bite to eat and grab a cup of fresh coffee while you’re at it.

Spend time relaxing on their outdoor patio before moving along with your day in Uptown Minneapolis.

20. Broder’s Pasta Bar

Broder’s Pasta Bar serves delicious house-made pasta in their southern Minneapolis restaurant.

Enjoy the many choices of pasta, from their seasonal specialties to the classic year-round favorites.

Risottos are some of the top choices on their menu, but no matter what you choose, you’ll be delighted.

Broder’s also has a few sister restaurants that also have fantastic food to try in Minneapolis.

21. World Street KitchenWorld Street Kitchen

After becoming a popular food truck a few years ago, World Street Kitchen has become a favorite place to grab dinner in Minneapolis.

If you can’t find the time off to travel across the world to try some new food, then World Street Kitchen will provide you with something delicious to eat.

The menu has options of food from places like Korea, the Mediterranean, Japan, Turkey, and more. You can also try dessert from one of the most popular ice cream places in Minneapolis, Milkjam.

So if you can’t decide on the cuisine you’re wanting, check out World Street Kitchen.

What Food is Famous in Minneapolis?

The state of Minnesota is most well-known for its hot dishes, such as tater tot hotdish.

But the city of Minneapolis has just a few foods that everyone should try when they visit.

The most popular must-have food when visiting Minneapolis is of course, the Jucy Lucy. 

You can try one at a few different places, but the most popular place to grab one of these delicious burgers is Matt’s Bar.

Wrap-Up: Places to Eat in Minneapolis

While there are plenty of places to eat in Minneapolis, there are a few that are must-haves during a visit to the large city.

From authentic Italian foods to Polish sausages to brunch, Minneapolis is home to a huge food scene.

So during your visit to Minnesota, be sure to check out a few of these great restaurants in Minneapolis.

Guest Author: Kassidy from Kassidy’s Journey

Where to Stay in Minneapolis


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