Scenic 30A

The view towards the gulf from Aly Beach playgound

Recently, we were lucky enough to have my parents come and visit us. They brought their bikes with them, so we needed to find a place to go biking. We had been told that near Grayton beach there was biking. Well, as it turns out there is biking all along scenic 30A.  The turn off for the part that starts/ends at Rosemary beach is only ten minutes from our house! This route can be found between Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida.

Biking Along Scenic 30A

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Rosemary Beach, but there is a cute little town there. With shops and cafes. You can park your bike and walk down the beach.  The walk down to the beach is a wooden walkway made up of hundreds of stairs.  There is a handicap accessible ramp.

This picture is of the next town over, Seacrest Beach. We only biked for a minute and found this splash pad area for the kids.
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The next area we hit that was worth a stop was Alys Beach.  All of the homes they are building out there are beautiful. They have a nature hike in the back of the neighborhood and they are putting walking trails through there and well as running and river through the neighborhood. At the front of the neighborhood on the west end, we found this park. It has a zip line, slides, toddler toys and a little cafe/bookstore attached.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach
Alys BeachAlys Beach zip line

Once you leave Alys Beach to head further west it is at least a ten minute bike ride before you hit another town. But if you keep going you will hit many more beach towns like Watercolor and Grayton Beach. Here is a picture of Grayton Beach. There is a great restaurant there The Red Bar!  The food is delicious and comes in massive portions and there is almost always live music! Grayton Beach