Blogger Bash 2016 was once again a great experience. This is a blogger conference for 500 bloggers held in NYC each summer. This year I was lucky to be an Acorn ambassador and they sent me to the conference.

Beside getting to see many blogging friends the highlight of my experience was getting to meet Noah Galloway. He works with Armitron watches and was there during the annual Babypalooza event. I got so excited to meet him that I couldn’t think of anything to say. And if y’all know me in real life you know I’m a talker. I mean I even look like an idiot in the picture cause I’m so excited.

Last year I skipped Babypalooza since I don’t have babies, but not how things can change in a year. One of my nieces now lives with us and she’s just 19 months old. This was a great way to get reacquainted with the world of baby products.

One of my favorite products was Hello, Peanut. This is a product to help you introduce peanuts to your baby in hopes that you prevent them from having a peanut allergy. I wish this had been around when Eden was a baby. She’s so allergic to peanuts that we have to carry an epipen.

The NogginStik was a super cute product I saw that helps babies hit multiple milestones.


I just started using essential oils myself and I thought this was just brilliant that oilogic has them packaged like this for parents to use on kids. These oils are designed to help with sleep, cough, stuff nose, and more!

Oh and check out this FisherPrice 4 in 1 high chair that can be washed in the dishwasher! 


Babypalooza was not the only event where we could check out the latest and greatest products. They also held their annual Sweet Suite where we got to see all the newest toys! There were so many cool toys I can’t break them all down, but you can see a bunch in this video I made.

Win Toys

Enter to win some awesome products from Blogger Bash & Acorn. You could win one of two prize packs. Must 18 or older and US only.

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