When I got to Greece I was unsure how I would get around to all the places I wanted to see. Multiple people recommended getting on a ferry, so that’s what I did.

Blue Star Ferry Shared Cabin

I knew to buy at least the business class tickets based on my research. But when I was pricing out Athens to Santorini I noticed that two tickets in business class were 108 euros, but a shared cabin where we could each lay down was only 128 euros. Only twenty more euros to be able to lay down during the 8-hour ferry ride! Yes, please. Check current rates and routes!

Shared cabins are either male or female, so if you are worried about it, don’t be. Yes, you might be in the cabin with strangers of the same sex. In our case no one else must have wanted to share a cabin, so we were the only two gals in there.

The cabin has its own bathroom with a shower and toilet. Had I known this I wouldn’t have gotten up at 5 am to get ready. I would have slept in and rolled in like a bum and gotten ready on board. I mean I had eight hours to kill.

Here are some photos of the bathroom inside our Blue Star Ferry Shared Cabin.
Blue Star Ferry Shared Cabin
If you are fighting jet lag this is a great way to go. I got at least 7 hours of sleep. They even gave me a wake up call when it was 30 minutes before my port.Blue Star Ferry Shared Cabin photo

It would have been cool to see all the other islands we stopped at along the way, but I couldn’t stay awake.

I will definitely be doing this the next time I am traveling between the islands in Greece.

In conclusion, Blue Star Ferry’s Shared Cabin is a great way to save some money and meet good people in the process.  So whether you’re looking for an economical form of transportation or an unexpected surprise in your travels, don’t forget about Blue Star Ferry and the Shared Cabin! All in all, this type of service is definitely worth trying – after all, a memorable journey doesn’t have to be expensive. Happy travels!

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